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Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian


10/26/1981, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

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Guy Theodore Sebastian


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Guy Sebastian began singing when he was fourteen. He became the lead singer of a Christian youth band called 'Planetshakers'. Following on from that, Guy became a singing teacher. In 2003 Guy competed in the first Australian Idol and won the competition, beating Shannon Noll. His first solo…more


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    • Guy: (on getting married to girlfriend, Julie) We're taking it slow. The only answer I have is that I'm not in the head space of getting married. I'd be too selfish as a husband because I'm so caught up in trying to get my stuff going.

    • Guy: The danger of Idol is you're suddenly propelled into stardom where people are giving you unnecessary things and girls are throwing themselves at you. You need to ground yourself with the things that are important to you. For me, that's friends, family and the accountability I have to my fans.

    • Guy: I dropped off the face of the earth for over 5 months, refusing press so I could make this album. People in management and my label were a little worried that the lack of exposure would cause people to forget and move on. Despite their fear I stood firm and went away in hope of making the best album I could in the time given. To come back after that time and have Out With My Baby go number 1 was an absolute delight for me.

    • Guy: Every time someone talks to me about the charts I kinda freak out a little. If you told me a year and a half ago that one of my songs were going to be played on the hot 30, even at number 30, I would have done cartwheels and celebrated for a month. So now it's almost like if I rank number 2 on debut, I should be disappointed.

    • Guy: It's beyond anything I have ever even dreamt of to enter the charts at number 1. My entry into the music industry is a strange one. With this whole strange process, there's no building into it, it really is straight to the top, regardless of the quality of the release. I guess the only way to go is down, that is said with a realistic frame of mind as opposed to a pessimistic one.

    • Guy: (on making the Top 50 most memorable moments on Australian television for winning Australian Idol) It was the most amazing feeling in the world. It was surreal and felt like all my dreams were coming true. The whole country was tuned in - even if Idol wasn't their thing, everyone was talking about it! It was great sharing it with Shannon [Noll] - we're such great mates so I felt a bit guilty. I couldn't believe it!.

    • Guy: (on taking part in the reality show, It Takes Two) I ummed and aahed about it for a while. I wasn't sure about entering TV land again, but the thing that matters in music is music itself. I don't care about the coolness factor.

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    Guy Sebastian is one of Australias most loved artists. 2007 the legendary Steve Cropper & Duck Dunn, with Lester Snell & Steve Potts recorded 14 tracks live to analogue tape in Memphis with Guy & resulting The Memphis Album really took off! They agreed to tour with Guy as his band & sell out shows, labelling GUY as "astonishing", "sensational voice", "stage presence of people twice his age" etc. One critic sd it was the perfect concert. Guy will be touring with the Army Bands around Aust. @ tail end of 2008, before Global Release in 2009. He had prev. had his own shows with the Aust. Philharmonic Orchestra @ Sydney Opera House. As Steve Cropper said, he's mind boggling, and can sing anything, anytime, anywhere. Guy has written over 30 songs, which appear on over 10 albums (he himself has only 5 albums atm Aug. 08). His debut album is just under 7P (although as that figure was at 2004, I suspect its hit the 7P by now). Not sure where alexlips gets his info from. Guy also wrote the theme song for World Youth Day 2008, Receive the Power. He writes and sings songs ranging from rock, RnB, soul, jazz, gospel, reggae. He's got great comic timing, as so many singers do, and on the hit counting websites, figures so highly that he has made the top 100,000 in the world - all without any record company help (no show cases up to 2007, no 'specials' like buy an album, get the (recorded on cash register etc) single free or other stuff). Guy has such a huge international following so far, and some have pointed out that "Usher is a poor many's Guy Sebastian" !!moreless
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    Guy Sebastian was the winner of the very first Australian Idol. Just months after he won, the Australian public realised that the runner-up, Shannon Noll was actually the better artist and should have won. I think that Guy is a really great singer who has good songs but he could be doing so much better than he is.