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    • Guy Siner: (When asked what made 'Allo 'Allo so successful) If I knew, I'd be rich... If I knew, I would have written the next one!

    • Guy Siner: (When asked if he got to meet Johnny Depp) No, that was a dummy I was working with. They had a blow-up Johnny Depp on my scene (laughs). No, I've worked with Johnny Depp, he's great!

    • Guy Siner: There are fans who seriously think I live in Bavaria, in the Alps somewhere and that I blow a horn and eat a lot of cheese.

    • Guy Siner: (When asked if he considers himself to be American or English) I consider myself to be 'haff and hawf'. My father was American. That's the haff. My mother is English – the hawf. I feel equally at home in either country.