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  • Gym Class heroes- hip-hop, rap, rock group. Totally original!

    I really love this band, they stared from when Fall out Boy found them and helped them succeed to now what they became. Their songs include:

    Queen and I
    New Friend Request
    Cupid's Chokehold
    Taxi Driver
    Shoot Down The Stars
    Clothes Off

    In New Friend Request- they reference myspace and adding new friends.

    In Taxi driver- they reference many bands (Fall out Boy, Death Cab For Cutie, Taking Back Suncay, My Chemiacl romance, Jimmy Eats World, and much More). After hearing this song Fall Out Boy got Gym Class Heroes signed and now they are a very big band. THey are still close friends with bandmates of fall out boy. Patrick Stump was in the video and helped with the song Cupid's Chokehold, and Shootdown The Stars!!