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  • Trivia

    • The band released an EP for their album The Quilt called Patches From the Quilt. It featured three singles from the album.

    • Gym Class Heroes' song Song For Noah is dedicated to Travis McCoy's friend who died in an auto accident during his freshman year of high school.

    • Rapper Busta Rhymes appeared on Gym Class Heroes' song Peace Sign/Index Down.

    • On October 5, 2007, the band released their limited edition fitted hat made by the New Era company. However, it is not sold in stores anymore.

    • Gym Class Heroes did a song with R&B artist The-Dream called Cookie Jar.

    • Gym Class Heroes video for Cupid's Chokehold ranked sixth in MTV's top 10 Videos Of 2007.

    • Gym Class Heroes were nominated for Ultimate Urban Artist at the 2007 MTV Europe Music Awards.

    • Gym Class Heroes were nominated for and won MTVU's Woodie Of The Year award in 2007.

    • Gym Class Heroes were nominated for Best Music Single (Cupid's Chokehold/Breakfast In America, f. Patrick Stump) and Best Breakout Group at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards. They won Breakout Group.

    • Gym Class Heroes were nominated for Best New Artist and Best Group at the 2007 MTV VMAs. They won Best New Artist.

    • Gym Class Heroes toured as an opening act for Fall Out Boy, with the Plain White T's, in fall 2007.

    • The song Cupid's Chokehold was first played on the radio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on 103.7 Kiss FM.

    • GCH appeared on the 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 Warped Tour.

    • Gym Class Heroes opened up for Gwen Stefani during the Australian part of her Sweet Escape tour.

    • The second video version of Cupid's Chokehold was directed by Alan Ferguson, who has directed many of Fall Out Boy's videos.

    • Their song Cupid's Chokehold was ranked #4 on "The Must List" for the week of February 16, 2007 by EW magazine.

    • USA Weekly magazine called Gym Class Heroes the band to look out for as being the next big thing in 2007.

    • GCH has two versions of the video for Cupid's Chokehold. In the original version, it features Travis taking the protocall for a doll home with him, featuring Patrick Stump doing the chorus. In the second version, Travis falls for different girls, after getting show numerous times by Cupid, and Patrick makes a quick cameo.

    • Disography:
      (on their label Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance)
      "The Papercut EP" - October 29, 2004
      "The Papercut Chronicles" - February 22, 2005
      "As Cruel As School Children" - July 25, 2006
      "The Quilt" - September 9, 2008

    • The band had three independently released albums: 1999's "Hed Candy," 2000's "For The Kids," and December 2001's "For The Kids."

    • The song Taxi Driver references many various bands in the lyrics, including Death Cab For Cutie, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Midtown, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, and Story Of The Year. It also references their label Fueled By Ramen.

    • The songs Band Aids and On My Own Time (Write On) thank people from their hometown, other people who have helped them, and other bands.

    • The band has referenced painter Bob Ross in some of their songs as well as dedicating a song to him: To Bob Ross With Love.

    • The band often references other songs in their songs. For instance, the lyric "and I know you heard that last song, about those girls who didn't last long" from Cupid's Chokehold is a reference to the song Makeout Club.

    • Vocalist Travis McCoy is featured on Cobra Starship's song Snakes On A Plane (Bring It).

    • The band's song New Friend's Request is a reference to finding love through the popular site MySpace.

    • Members:
      Travis "Schleprok" McCoy - Vocals
      Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo - Guitar
      Matt McGinley - Drums
      Eric Roberts - Bass Guitar

      Former Members:
      Ryan Geise - Bass
      Milo Bonacci - Guitar
      Sie One - Turntables

    • Gym Class Heroes performed a set at the 2006 Woodie awards, opening with The Queen and I and doing a version of Cupid's Chokehold with William Beckett of The Academy Is . . ..

    • The video for Cupid's Chokehold holds the record for the biggest video that was ever premiered on

    • Two of their songs, Cupid's Chokehold and Clothes Off! feature Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy.

    • The band is signed to Decaydance Records.

  • Quotes

    • Travis McCoy: I don't agree with any label anybody puts on us for the simple fact that they're all wrong and they're all bulls**t because until we come up with a label for ourselves, nobody else can because we make the f***in' music. We make the music.

    • Travis McCoy: I actually met (drummer) Matt McGinley in gym class. I was the fat kid. I got held back a couple times. That's when you face the most ridicule. But I'm not bitter. I do giggle to myself when I go back home and somebody who wouldn't give me the time of day in high school comes up and says, "I saw you on Conan and I was like 'Oh, I know that guy.'"