H. Jon Benjamin

H. Jon Benjamin


5/23/1966, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Henry Jon Benjamin



Also Known As

Jonathan Benjamin, Jon Benjamin, Jon Benjamin
  • H. Jon Benjamin on Season 2 of Archer.
  • H. Jon Benjamin on Season 2 of Archer.
  • H. Jon Benjamin on Season 2 of Archer.
  • H. Jon Benjamin as voiced by Sterling Ar...
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H. Jon Benjamin is a comedian best known for his distinct voice, which has led to roles on many animated shows. He also stars in the live action comedy Jon Benjamin Has a Van.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jon is the executive producer and co-creator with David Cross (Mr. Show, Arrested Development) of Comedy Central's animated comedy Freak Show. He voices Tuck, one of the siamese twins whose superpower is the ability to separate. His brother Benny is voiced by David Cross.

    • Jon starred in the 2003 satire, Temptation, with Annette O'Toole, Lyn Vaus, and Elisabeth Moss, which follows a pair of married pornographers who with their politically correct adult films failing at making them money, discover that the country's biggest sitcom star once did films for them and contemplate releasing the footage. The film also features cameos from porn superstars Kiki Daire, Bridget Powers, and Randy West.

    • Jon became popular for providing the voice of Dr. Katz' slacker son, Ben on the Soup2Nuts animated series, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, a show also distinctive for being filmed in their patented "squigglevision".

    • Jon starred in the 2002 dark comedy, Martin & Orloff with Katie Roberts, Sal Graziano, and David Cross. The film also has cameos from comedians Janeane Garofalo, Andy Richter, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler.

    • Jon was the voice of Mothmonsterman, a humanoid moth mutant created by Dr. Weird who appeared in the episodes, The Bus of the Undead and The Last One of Adult Swim's animated series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Also played Mr. Sticks, a one-eyed triangle demon, for the episode, Broodwich.

    • Jon starred in the 1997 Sam Seder directed feature film, Who's The Caboose? alongside Andy Dick, David Cross, and Sarah and Laura Silverman, about a team who get a grant to film a documentary on a rare fatal disease affecting homeless people, but instead decide to follow an aspiring comedienne around as she makes the circuit of auditions in L.A. trying to get a TV pilot.

    • Jon appeared in three episodes of the ESPN Classic sports comedy series, Cheap Seats, twice as wrestling announcer, Gene Stapleton and a third time as Rabbi Marc Shalowitz.

    • Jon's comedy career began in Boston when he was around twenty-four years old as part of a comedy duo with Sam Seder known as Cross Comedy which was led by David Cross. During his first seven years of performing stand-up he almost always exclusively worked in groups rather than independently. When doing independent work, he often abandoned the traditional styles of stand-up comedy in favor of experimenting with the genre.

    • Jon has involvement with the live projects Midnight Pajama Jam with Jon Glaser, which is performed in New York City, and Tinkle, a show co-hosted by David Cross and Todd Barry which combines stand-up comedy and live music.

    • Jon has had starring voice roles for several Soup2Nuts produced cartoon series including Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Home Movies, Science Court, and O'Grady.

    • Jon guest starred in the second season episode, Escape to the House of Mummies Part II, of Adult Swim's popular animated series The Venture Bros., in which he played Doctor Orpheus's master, manifested in the form of Cerberus, the three-headed hound of Hades.

    • Some short films of Jon and Brendon's are included as bonus material on the Season One DVD release of Home Movies.

    • Jon is best known for being the voice of Coach McGuirk, Brendon and Melissa's soccer coach, in Brendon Small's hit animated series, Home Movies, but he also voiced Brendon's immature friend, Jason Penopolis and the hyperactive Perry, along with various others.

    • Jon was interviewed as himself by animated host, Space Ghost, in the episode, King Dead of the Adult Swim series, Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

    • Jon is working with David Cross (of Mr. Show and Arrested Development) on an animated series called Freak Show, about a band of freak show performers who are also second-rate superheroes.

    • Jon did work on Jessica Simpson's and Nick Lachey's short-lived 2004 ABC sketch comedy series, The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour.

    • Jon is the co-creator and writer for the Adult Swim animated series, Assy McGee, scheduled to premiere December of 2006, about a rogue police sniper who literally is a giant pair of human buttocks.

    • Jon had a part in the 2001 feature comedy, Not Another Teen Movie.

    • He was a television consultant in 2004
      for Comedy Central's Last Laugh '04.

    • Jon stands 5'6" in height.

    • Jon played the voice of Satan in the pilot for the new Adult Swim animated series, Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.

    • Jon has an appearance in the 2001 comedy, Wet Hot American Summer as the voice of the can of vegetables with a shameful habit of autofellatio who speaks to the camp's chef in a hallucinatory sequence.

  • Quotes

    • Jon: (about his character, Coach McGuirk from Home Movies) When I saw my character I was thrilled because they made him really fat and dumpy while I am this tiny balding Jewish guy.

    • Jon: I've never had the desire to tell jokes. I've always been more interested in not making people laugh, but people seem to laugh at that. So actual jokes have always been the antithesis of what I've wanted to do. I started doing comedy with a lot of people who were great at telling jokes so I just wanted to not do what they did.

  • this guy kicks ass!

    I mean i saw/heard him on home movies and he was so cool now he\'s on o\'grady as the voice of kevin!best voice actor ever.You know where to begin you see im really low in rankings and this is my first review but wqho cares this guy so totally breaks the 4th dsimension