Hal Ozsan

Hal Ozsan


10/26/1976, Northern Cyprus, Turkish Republic

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Hal Ozan
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Born on the Mediterranian island of Cyprus and raised in east London, Ozsan's exotic good-looks are made all the more charming by his rougish cockney accent. He was educated at the prestigious Brentwood School(Douglas Adams-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/ Jack Straw-British Cabinet Politician) where he was by all…more


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  • Amazing!

    That guy is amazing. I want to watch a TV show with him as a lead actor. Why is he always a guest star. People are you crazy? Don't you see how talanted this guy is. He and a camera that's all it takes. Seriously give the guy a nice gig would you?
  • Hal Ozsan portrays Azazel, one of the "Fallen". The "Fallen" are the angels who originally rebelled against God and were thrown out of heaven. We all know about Lucifer, but few know his partner in mischief, Azazel. Azazel loves women, fighting and fries.moreless

    "Fallen" was an interesting show, however I found that without Hal Ozsan's portrayal of Azazel I probably would have found it quite lacking in several areas. Hal Ozsan is like an intoxicating aromatic spice you want to savor, inhale and experience again. I noticed little things that gave Azazel depth making him more interesting than a macho angel in his primal state. From trying to make light of how he was "just getting comfortable" to the fleeting reaction of finding out how long he had been chained to the rock, the hint of hurt here and there, the agitated state when things were winding up which indicated to me that perhaps he could have decided to do the right thing. It's the little things an actor does that creates an interesting character who not only entertains you but makes you want to watch them again. Taking typical characters, stretching them into a three dimensional personality you can identify with and want to know takes talent. It's easy and fun to play the bad guy but giving him some angst, some conscience was original and I look forward to seeing Hal Ozsan perform again.moreless