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  • So fu**ing funny.

    Love him in the VH1 shows "I love the ....".
  • Hal... you're so incredibly cute

    Hal Sparks just makes me laugh without even saying anything. Though I did love Michael on Queer as Folk, I felt that it held back some of his talent and didn't get to show off his comedic skills. Don't get me wrong, he played Michael very well. After seeing him on so many other little spots on T.V., it's amazing to me how much he toned it down for his Queer as Folk role. I was so sad when he got voted off Celebrity Duets, but it wasn't from a lack of trying on my part. I voted for him 500 times. I know, I must not have a life. But I love you Hal!
  • Why is Hal so frickin cool? I dare to ask!

    Hal Sparks is one of the most underrated stars today. He is like, a total inspiration to me. He's a great actor, a great musician, a great Chinese speaker *haha*, he's just frickin brilliant! He's an open-minded individual who's attitudes about the world stun and amaze even me! And plus, to top of the cake, his band, formerly known as The Hal Sparks Band, but is now called Zero 1, rocks BIG TIME! I mean, super big! Check out his myspace profile at myspace.com/therealhalsparks, and his band profile at myspace.com/zero1band. The guy's bloody brilliant, (but I'm not English, just so you'll know. :P) and he will always be one of my favorite people ever!
  • Such versatility!

    Hal can do it all! He can be comedic, dramatic, sensitive, rediculous, way out there, and every thing in between. I am really impressed with his levels of versatility and I can't say that enough. From his stand up to his role as Michael on the Showtime series Queer as Folk you can really get a good impression of his range. You can even watch the rediculous yet funny Dude, Where's My Car? and see a small cameo by Hal that will have you cracking up. And it turns out the boy can carry a pretty good tune, too! Quite impressive!
  • Funny, cute, and smart at the same time!

    I have loved Hal Sparks since the VH-1 series I love the 70's, 80's, and 90's series
    He is so funny and cute at the same time but also very
    Smart as well as knows the martial arts so don't let
    That puppy kind cuteness fool you as he can also be
    Very lethal as well if you mess with him! LOL! Hey
    Just kidding but still he is very funny and cute again!