Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment


4/10/1988, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Haley Joel Osment



Also Known As

Haley Osment
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For audiences around the world whose ears ring with the haunting and fateful revelation of a child tortured by terrifying visions of the afterlife, Haley Joel Osment may forever be linked to his role in what would rank among the most popular supernatural thrillers ever made, The Sixth…more


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    You've got to hand it to Haley Joel Osment--the actor started at such a young age and became instantly famous in his first film. But, he didn't burn out or become an addict. Rather, he kept honing his craft and he's really become a very talented actor. I hope he stays on the same career path as he is destined to be a great actor.
  • My ideal!

    Hey everybody. I doesn´t like haley just because he´s sweet,hot or what he are or is. I love him as he is or what I´m going to say. he´s my ideal,and I really really really would like to meet him. My dreams whould never became true... I know that. But YOUR dreams will become true, if you trie to do somethig about it. I don´t like when people say that Haley joel Osment is crazy just because he charged whit drunken driving. I still like my favourite actor. I will allways do that.I´m 13 yrs old... comes from Sweden... And I got a friend that lokks like haley,but he´s in my ages,he lived in my town before, but now he´s gone...

    well...will still hope dreams become true. But soon I think something bad will hapended. Pleas tell me whats wrong with me...:P

    Well,like every one else yells "Haley is the best actor ever" I doo it too.moreless