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  • My ideal!

    Hey everybody. I doesn´t like haley just because he´s sweet,hot or what he are or is. I love him as he is or what I´m going to say. he´s my ideal,and I really really really would like to meet him. My dreams whould never became true... I know that. But YOUR dreams will become true, if you trie to do somethig about it. I don´t like when people say that Haley joel Osment is crazy just because he charged whit drunken driving. I still like my favourite actor. I will allways do that.I´m 13 yrs old... comes from Sweden... And I got a friend that lokks like haley,but he´s in my ages,he lived in my town before, but now he´s gone...
    well...will still hope dreams become true. But soon I think something bad will hapended. Pleas tell me whats wrong with me...:P
    Well,like every one else yells "Haley is the best actor ever" I doo it too.