Haley Scarnato

Haley Scarnato


7/15/1982, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Haley Suzanne Scarnato


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Haley Scarnato hails from San Antonio, Texas, USA. She is from Italian decent and her parents are Rose and Anthony Scarnato. She was a gymnast between the age of 5 and 15. She stopped because she dislocated both of her shoulders. Not soon after, haley decided to find…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Not the best.

    My favorite of her performances. Turn the Beat Around. It was amazing how she sang it so upbeat even after knowing that she was elminiated. I also didn't like her dress up, but oh well. I am not thinking it's her fault or she's a $lut, but whatever. I don't think she deserved to make it that far though, she seemed like a very average singer. Gina should've stayed that week instead of her. Gina sang Smile beautifully. But still, Haley stayed instead of her (although it's not entirely her fault, cuz Phil her and Sanjaya also did worse). Whatever. So she's an ok singer.moreless
  • she can't sing!!

    Haley was on American Idol in 2007, she wasn't very good and I did not like her at all. She was pretty i will give her that but she still can't sing, I don't know what she does now but all I know is singing isn't her thing. If she wants to be somebody in Hollywod she should try something else.