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  • Not the best.

    My favorite of her performances. Turn the Beat Around. It was amazing how she sang it so upbeat even after knowing that she was elminiated. I also didn't like her dress up, but oh well. I am not thinking it's her fault or she's a $lut, but whatever. I don't think she deserved to make it that far though, she seemed like a very average singer. Gina should've stayed that week instead of her. Gina sang Smile beautifully. But still, Haley stayed instead of her (although it's not entirely her fault, cuz Phil her and Sanjaya also did worse). Whatever. So she's an ok singer.
  • she can't sing!!

    Haley was on American Idol in 2007, she wasn't very good and I did not like her at all. She was pretty i will give her that but she still can't sing, I don't know what she does now but all I know is singing isn't her thing. If she wants to be somebody in Hollywod she should try something else.
  • She seems like a nice girl, but I don't like her singing.

    Haley Scarnato was placed 8th on American Idol Season 6. She seems like a nice girl, but I don't like her singing. I didn't want her to be in the top 12. At the end of the episode when they announced the top 12, I was almost crying when she beat Sabrina Sloan. From then on, I don't like Haley. I am still really mad. I also didn't like how she kept going on to the next round week after week. And finally, on the Latin week results night, she went home. Yay it's about stinkin time! Overall, I don't like her voice. And, she is NOT good looking.
  • Hail Haley!

    Sanjaya is still there with all the legions of fans who's backing him. Not me! I'd rather go with people like Haley Scarnato. When she came on stage with hot shjorts, it blew my mind. I don't care what the judges think, I don't care what the fans think. I think she's gorgeous and beautiful. Haley is hot in those hot pants and she sing well too. so she was bounced from "American Idol," I still suport her. Well, it's better than root for someone like Sanjaya. He's been there forever and he might will "American Idol." But my heart belongs to Haley Scarnato.
  • she can sing but not that good!!!!!

    omg omg. every week i wish she gets voted off cause she SUCKS. sanjaya is sooooo much better than her. she only stays because the men vote for her because she has nice legs. almost every single week she is in the bottom 2. and she still stays. a lot of good people left because of her such as gina the rocker chick she was really good. but no she had to leave all because haley has nice legs. im not saying that i hate her its just she gets in my nerves with her singing. evry week she is in the bottom 2 she thinks to her self im leaving but no. so i dont like her as a singer but she might be ok as a person. she seems nice.