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  • Not all she's said to be.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Halle Berry, I think she is both beautiful and talented, however I believe people tend to over exaggerate her looks and her acting ability. I think there are other actresses out there that are more beautiful than she is and those whose acting abilities that surpass hers. I don't dislike her, I love almost all of her movies and I think she's a great role model to all women, but I still think she is highly overated.
  • I love Halle!

    I'm proud to say that I'm beeen following Halle Barry's career since 1991. she is one of the most talented and the sexiest woman I ever saw. I even wrote her a few letters of support. She even won an Academy Award for "Monster's Ball" in 2002 and I've been following her ever since. So she was in a few bad movies, so what she is a survivor. she sruvive one crisis after another. One bad marriage after another, and she survive. that's why I love her very much. Not only she establish herself on the big screen, but in my heart as well.
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    The thing about Halle Berry is that some of the movies she is in are really good, like the X-men series but others, like Catwomen were massive failures. This is why I have her 5/10. Generally I don't like her acting but it may just be her struggling to play the character which she is suppose to.
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    I don't think I can say very much, she is not the most talented person ever, I just think that she is kind of... well, I don't, like if she tries really hard to have the fame she wants too. With all the X-Men thing, she wants to do another one of the X-Men, which I don't think will be very good. I still think that she has appear, somehow, in some good movies.
  • Halle Berry is kind of decent, but she is....

    I personally have nothing against Halle Berry. She is just not my favorite actress, that's all. I love her now that she has long hair again. I think she does have long hair again anyway. She was nominated for an Emmy. I think. Tonight are the Emmys I think and I wonder is Halle Berry going to win the Emmy? I wonder. Before my time she was VERY overrated. But now she is VERY underrated. She is not my favorite actress, but not much of me sees her as bad. She is just not my favorite actress of all time, that's all.