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  • A great actress for any mom. Give her another job!

    Hi everyone. This is my review of Hallie Todd, who is a great actress for any mom, especially lizzie mcguire's mom. She handled all of her roles greatly and made the characters real. I remember her most from her role as jo mcguire on lizzie mcguire she was a great "mom" to "Lizzie" and "Matt". I liked her she should be back. She was a good character who didn't annoy me. Hallie Todd is such a good actress. I like her and think she has talent and might want to consider doing dancing with the stars to be noticed again.
  • I adore her characters!

    Hallie Todd is sucha a wonderful and talented actress! I seriously adore the motherly characters she plays. She was so good on Lizzie McGuire, and she played such a sweet and caring mother. She is such a wonderful role model, especially for new mothers. She plays excellent mother roles, and she makes me laugh a lot. She is so funny. She is just amazing. A beautiful, talented motherly figure, and also a very good acress.

    I also saw her on The Ultimate Christmas Present, and I was amazed at her performance! She played the good role of a worried, stressed out mother, and she made me laugh so hard.
  • She's really talented! She plays Jo McGuire, my favourite character on Lizzie McGuire, as well as Lal on "The Offspring" (one of my favourite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes).

    She's really talented! I've seen her in Lizzie McGuire (as Jo McGuire), Star Trek: The Next Generation (as Lal), and National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion (as Jill). I've also seen the Kim Possible episode where she did one of the voices (a news anchorwoman).

    I think she's way underutilized (it may be her choice, I don't know), but I think she's quite talented. Yes, she is pretty, but I think she could play a range of roles. I'd love to see her do more work on the big screen, or even on another TV series, as one of the starring roles.

    Jo McGuire is my favourite character in Lizzie McGuire. Finally, a mom on a sitcom that actually has both beauty and brains. "The Offspring" is one of my favourite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. Lal is a sweet character. Hallie portrays Lal's innocence quite effectively. Her final scenes always move me, emotionally; one of the best Star Trek: The Next Generation moments. I wasn't impressed with National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion, but Hallie's character is a bright spot in a movie that's really lacking.

    Overall, I think she's a great actress, who hasn't had the opportunity to shine.
  • Hallie Todd....Extrordinary! That's all I can say about her!

    Hallie Todd is one of a kind. She brings her best attitude on screen and when it's all over she brings her best attitude off screen also. Hallie Todd is so amazingly talented in charming you as she does her job. So wonderful. Bravo, Mrs. McGuire!!! Keep up the good work.