Hamish Blake

Hamish Blake


12/11/1981, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Hamish Blake


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Hamish Blake is an Australian comedian. Hamish's adventure into the world of comedy began when he began broadcasting a no-budget show called Radio Karate with friend Andy Lee. Although they only had an audience of about 8000 people, one fan was Guy Rundle - the executive producer of…more


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  • Obv hamish blake is not only the sexiest guy alive but is also very talented i absoloutly loveeee this guy!!!!!!

    I seriously think he is the best! man i would give anything tooo meet this guy he like my frickin idol and he is soooooo dam hot! and anyone else who thinks different is scrwed in the head and has something wrong with them my myspace is practicaly dedicated too him! woot i hope tooo meet him on his tour from New south wales too Queensland! it will be the best haha ahh i wanna touch his hand! that will make me happy for the rest of my god dam life hamish blake i freacking love you!!! hahahahah mwa mwa awesome guy!moreless
  • Hamish Blake is the funniest,cutes,sweetest man in Australia

    I absolutely loveee Hamish Blake!!!!! I am his biggest fan ever!!!!!!!!!! And yes i will bet on that. Hamish is egsactly what I would want in a guy. He's funny, sweet he's always trying hard with Anna, absolutely adorable, and he has the best personality. I've met him once, had three emails from him and he's sent me a letter and he gets sweeter and sweeter all the time. Yes I know im bragging but who cares cause i loveeee Hamish Blake. Now Hamish if you've googled yourself like you probly have and is reading this. Keep up the good work!!!!!

    Tell Andy I voted for him to win Cleo's bachelor of the year about 20times and got everyone in my class to vote too.

    I love hamish and andy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless