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    • Hank: (on what he'd do with $1 million) I'd pay off my house, get a full-time masseuse, and I'd buy my wife something very special. And not necessarily in that order!

    • Hank: (on why he got his law degree) I am not from a wealthy background. When I went to school, I went to play baseball. And I wanted to get an education. I knew I was going to have to support myself, and I had an opportunity to go to UCLA and study law. I knew when I got out of there, I would have a good job.

    • Hank: (on seeing himself on the big screen) There is nothing like it in the world. When you see yourself forty feet wide doing something that is kind of decent, that is, well... it's kind of fun.

    • Hank: Modeling is a void. You stand there and get your picture taken. You can be a good model, but what is it to be a good model? For me, it was great fun.

    • Hank: I had the advantage of having an education behind me when I began to model. A lot of people who get into modeling are seventeen or eighteen years old. It's such a fast paced life. They are in it for four or five years. College and that atmosphere just skips them right by.

    • Hank: Painting gave me the freedom to discover, to emote, without needing the permission to do so. There is theory and there are rules and guides, yet none are mutually exclusive or sacrosanct.

    • Hank: (on his paintings) It's kind of like building a house. I don't paint as much as I construct. I work in layers, each one capturing a moment in time along the journey, ultimately leading to art that is raw, honest and prepared to force a reaction.

    • Hank: Looking good on camera is not acting!

    • Hank: (on his family background) I'm a mutt. From my dad's side, I am Spanish, Mexican and American Indian and on my mom's side, I'm German and Dutch.