Hank Patterson





10/9/1888 , Springville,Alabama, USA



Birth Name

Elmer Calvin Patterson




Hank Patterson, was born in Alabama on October 9,1888, his great grandfather was an original settler of St. Clair County, Alababama. He started out to be a serious musician, but signed on as piano player with a road show in 1910. Soon he began filling in for an actor who was always getting drunk or sick and by 1912 he was acting full time. He played tent shows and vaudeville, when he worked his way out to California in the 1920's. He had been in show business 30 years when he came to Hollywood in 1939. He appeared in such films as: Three Faces West (1940), Robin Hood of Texas (1947), Red Canyon (1949), Tarantula (1955), Amazing Colossal Man (1957), No Name on the Bullet (1959), and his last Gunfighters of Abilene (1960). He became a semi-regular on the series "Gunsmoke" in 1963 and stayed until it's end in 1975, at the same time he was also appearing in the series, Petticoat Junction (1963-66) and Green Acres (1965-71). He was married for over 60 years to the same lady, Daisy who he met when she was a dancer when they were in vaudeville together, they lived in the San Fernando Valley. He was also the great uncle of actress Tea Leoni. He died of bronchial pneumonia on August 23,1975 in Woodland Hills, California.