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Hannah Hodson

Hannah Hodson


9/10/1991, San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name

Hannah Rose Hodson


  • Jada Pinkett Smith as Christina Hawthron...
  • Hannah Hodson as Camille on Hawthorne.
  • Hannah Hodson as Camille on Hawthorne.
  • Hannah Hodson as Camille on Hawthorne.
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  • hannah hodson goes to the beacon drama school in New York City.Her full name is Hannah Rose Hodson.She has been in spike Lee movies.Has also been in a movie called the Ron Clark Story with Matthew perry.moreless

    Hannah Hodson is one of my favorite characters in Hawthorne.I love her smart,funny,and fashionable character in the show. I bet she is like that for real.I also see her as a great inspiration.I think that she is a beautiful person inside and out.I think that it's great that she is in a drama class.She is a great actress to me.And I also think that I don't see enough fans talking about how they appreciate her work.I know it's not her show but she should hear something not only from critics,but also from her fans.Hawthorne is one of my favorite shows!moreless