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    • Hannah: (On her clothes in Skins) Wardrobe were very keen for me to use my own clothes, and I do wear a lot of my own things on the show. The thing is, I can't really wear those things any more because I don't want people to see me and think I'm still in costume! I wore a pair of white sunglasses once, but now I can't wear them because I look like a twat. It looks like I'm going out to be recognized and that's something I really don't want.

    • Hannah: (On attending the NME Awards) No one knew who I was. It was really embarrassing. Honestly, Skins is the first and only thing I've ever done and most people don't have a clue who I am. I knew who Jamie T was, the guy I was presenting to, and I quite like him. But I'm not an NMe kind of girl, I'm afraid. I kept having to ask everybody what they did.

    • Hannah: (About her character Cassie on Skins) Obviously she was already written. She was very clear and well-drawn. As soon as I read the script for the character she was just kind of there. All the writers were really great about talking to us about things, and if we wanted to have any suggestions or help to talk about how we felt about how our character would behave, they were really good and they were really open to ideas.

    • Hannah: (About the cast of Skins) We got on so well. They're all so important to me and so great and I think they're all wonderful, wonderful people. We were all put in a room together the first day we met each other and it just kind of worked and we got on really well all of a sudden. Doing this show for six months, being together so much, going through these different scenes and going through this experience together has made us even, even closer. We've got such a strong bond from that that I think it would have been impossible for us to not have become friends, really!

    • Hannah:(On how "Skins" compares to other show) I can understand people might make comparisons to something like The OC or Hollyoaks, but I think it's pretty different to either of those. I can't think of any shows I've watched about teenagers that has the same spirit that Skins has, the same honesty about it. I think they're all a lot more contrived and trying to deal with issues. Skins says 'this is what teenage life can be like', and doesn't say what you have to feel about it, whereas I think a lot of other teenage dramas are like a guidebook for what you should and shouldn't do. I think it's really nice that Skins doesn't deal with issues like that in a preachy way. I mean, it does, it touches on a lot of different things that are problems today, but it doesn't tell you, force it down your throat that you have to think this. It's not patronising, and I think a lot of other teenage dramas tend to be. I can't really think of anything that I've seen that really compares to this.

    • Hannah:(On seeing herself in promos) I dunno, it doesn't quite feel real yet, none of it quite feels real. I've only seen one or two posters where I live and I haven't really seen many adverts on TV. Everyone talks about 'oh, I saw this there' but I haven't seen enough of it to really believe it yet. I can't really believe it because I never thought I could be on a billboard poster so it just seems a bit like a dream at the moment.

    • Hannah: On if she'll watch Skins with her family) Well partly I'll be too embarrassed for the fact that I'm in it. I mean I hate watching myself. I really hate it. I don't feel uncomfortable watching it with these guys because they are kind of in the same boat. But, yeah it is the kind of show that I wouldn't particularly want to watch with my mum in the room. But I think it is good that it's not, because teenagers like to watch stuff that they wouldn't want their parents to know they were watching.

    • Hannah: (On missing school for Skins) No it was not all done during the summer holidays. When we filmed my episode I missed two weeks of school but that was after my exams so it wasn't very serious. And then there was a month in the summer but then we were filming throughout the first term of school but some of us missed more than others.

    • Hannah:(About her co-star Neil Morrissey) Yeah, he was really funny. I was a bit nervous because he was the first sort of 'big name' I'd ever met. But he was so nice and so friendly and great to work with. He's got a nice energy in all the scenes that I did with him. He was really, really great.

    • Hannah:(On playing a character with an eating disorder) I think obviously it is a sensitive issue and I think it has been handled very well in this show, but I don't think the aim with this is to make kind of preachy drama about how we should all behave in a certain way. Obviously this is something that does exist for teenagers today and I think it's just a way of exploring that. I don't feel a sort of responsibility to behave in a certain way or portray her in a certain way because I just want to play the character how the writers see it.

    • Hannah:(On similarities between herself and Cassie) I don't think that we're the same on a basic circumstantial level, I don't have anorexia and I'm not suicidal or anything like that, but I think there are some things like, I think that everyone knows what it's like to feel lonely or a bit depressed and feel like that on an emotional level. And I love how dreamy she is as well, and the things she thinks about, I really like that. I think I can relate to her emotionally but not circumstantially.

    • Hannah: I think that Skins is more truthful and I think that it's more exciting. And I also think that it looks like nothing else on TV. I think it's a lot more artistically done really. It's really beautifully shot and I think the characters are incredibly well crafted. I also think that the fact that we are all so young is important, because if you watch a lot of, especially American, dramas - they're all 20-year-olds playing teenagers, but we're all pretty much the age of the characters, which I think is a big part of it.

    • Hannah:(When asked if she always wanted to act) I suppose from about 11 or so it was something that I really wanted to do. But this is the first thing I've ever done that's at all successful really. I've done sort of youth theatre at the Bristol Old Vic. I'd done some plays with that and I'd done some stuff for school and that was about it really. But I think doing Skins has made me feel certain that it is something that I really want to do and really go for it.

    • Hannah: Studying English is all about interpreting text, which is pretty much what you do with screenplays,. Hopefully doing my degree will make me a better actor. That's the idea anyway.

    • Hannah: (on her character Cassie) She is very interesting because she has a lot of problems, and she's very troubled, and she's anorexic and completely lacking in self-esteem and self-belief, but along with that she's sort of quite smart. I think that she has quite a good reading on a lot of the other characters about what they're like and how they work and stuff, and I think she's a very clever girl, and she's also kind of silly and dreamy and quite fun at the same time as being a very tragic character. I really like her. I think she's really great.