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    • Hannah:(On how "Skins" compares to other show) I can understand people might make comparisons to something like The OC or Hollyoaks, but I think it's pretty different to either of those. I can't think of any shows I've watched about teenagers that has the same spirit that Skins has, the same honesty about it. I think they're all a lot more contrived and trying to deal with issues. Skins says 'this is what teenage life can be like', and doesn't say what you have to feel about it, whereas I think a lot of other teenage dramas are like a guidebook for what you should and shouldn't do. I think it's really nice that Skins doesn't deal with issues like that in a preachy way. I mean, it does, it touches on a lot of different things that are problems today, but it doesn't tell you, force it down your throat that you have to think this. It's not patronising, and I think a lot of other teenage dramas tend to be. I can't really think of anything that I've seen that really compares to this.