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    • Hannah: (on her role in the movie Maleficent (2014)) I play the mother of Sleeping Beauty, that's right, yes. It was a fairly small role, but it was amazing to be able to work with the caliber of actors in that project. Angelina Jolie, lots of powerhouses of British acting tradition. For me, it was an amazing combination of a lot of things – working at Pinewood, which is incredible, and obviously being a Disney Princess which is so exciting.

    • Hannah: (on the sex and violence in the series Blakc Sails) This is definitely something new for me. When I first read the script, I was really impressed by the fact that these characters are so daring. As an actress, you have to explore these characters 360 degrees. We're presenting a world where sexual politics is much more fluid than the world we know today. Sexuality wasn't legislated in the way that it's legislated today. So you're looking at people who kind of used sex and politics in the same way. I never feel like, on the show, that it's ever gratuitous. I never feel that the violence is gratuitous. It always says something about those particular characters. It always has a very significant push towards a certain plot narrative.

    • Hannah: (on a bias of history towards men, that she found while research her role in Black Sails) I'm pretty much of the opinion that not very many women made it into the history books; it's not something that's particularly comfortable for a lot of people who are writing history.

    • Hannah: (on her research for the role in Black Sails) I did a lot of research just kind of trying to find who this character was. I mainly focused on the context of what it must have been like to be living in the Caribbean in that time period. So lots of building her background story, looking at Nassau, and looking at how it was invaded twice by the Spanish. She kind of grew up with a history of conflict, and significant things that would have really marked her childhood. Then obviously I looked into women in piracy, and the way in which there are key women who became kind of entrepreneurs as a business opportunity.

    • Hannah: (on her role as Eleanor Guthrie in Black Sails) She is a fictional character. She's not based on any kind of historical person that we can find specifically. That said, she is someone who would have had to existed. The figure of the fence is something that definitely would have existed in order to keep the pirates moving, keep their loot moving, and keep their business afloat.

    • Hannah: (on being fluent and acting in Spanish) I'm fluent in Spanish. I did it at degree-level, and then when I lived there for four years, I really learned how to speak it like the kids on the street, and be able to converse fluently. Then obviously working in TV, it was like a real baptism by fire because I was given scripts with really sophisticated language, so it was a lot of fun.

    • Hannah: (on her connection with Spain) I lived in Spain for four years, and I took Spanish as my first degree. I love speaking Spanish and working in Spain.

    • Hannah: (on the start of the TV show Black Sails and the movie Maleficent (2014)) It's funny because I've been filming stuff the past two years, and nothing has come out. So I'm like 'Wow, it's all come at once. It's really exciting'.

    • Hannah: (on her breakout year of 2014) It's been a long time in the coming.