Hannah Spearritt

Hannah Spearritt


4/1/1981, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK

Birth Name

Hannah Louise Spearritt


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  • Abby (Hannah Spearitt), Danny Quinn (Jas...
  • Abby (Hannah Spearritt) in Primeval.
  • The cast of Primeval.
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Hannah was born in 1981 in Norfolk, England, the youngest of three children. She was educated at Woodlands Middle School, Lynn Grove High School and East Norfolk Sixth Form College. When she was younger, she threw herself into sports and became a good tennis player, swimmer and runner.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A great actress and a wonderful singer.

    Hannah Spearritt is really one of the best actresses I have seen in... She can do any kind of character, no matter if it is a funny character, or a more serious or dramatical character. And furthermore, she has a beautiful voice... No wonder she was part of the S Club 7. From the works she has done so far, I have to say that her best work is the S Club 7 series, although in Primeval she tells us that she can do more than just sing and tell funny jokes. I do believe that in the near future, we will be seeing more works of hers and with even greater style. 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Hannah Spearritt until recently singularly known for being a member of S Club 7 a multi million selling UK band. Now she is the star of Primeval a Sci-Fi show on ITV in the UK.moreless

    Bit of a surprise to be honest I did not expect to see Hannah as I did recently on the TV show Primeval. It is a failing of mine that I have tended to ignore UK shows for their more glamorous American cousins. Well ever since they cancelled Hex just when it was starting to show some serious growth. I always considered Hannah Spearritt was the talented one from the band but at first I thought she looked a bit young which is odd as she is the same age as me. Anyway through the various series of S Club: The TV show somehow Spearritt must have caught the acting bug as now we see her in what is probably the top new Terrestial Show on UK TV. So she is trying to do a Piper I guess is what a lot of people think, personally I wish her the best I like seeing her on TV, yes that may have something to do with the way Primeval sell her as FHM fodder by insisting that her flat must be tropical for the sake of her prehistoric pet (What they let writers get away with these days!). Let us see f she can move on from this, lately on the American shows I watch at least there has been an invasion of UK talent so maybe Hollywood is only a step away for our Miss Spearritt.moreless