Hardy Kruger





4/12/1928 , Berlin Wedding, Germany

Birth Name



Hardy Kruger is a German actor best known for his numerous roles in films as a dapper gentleman with rugged good looks. He was born on April 12th 1928 In Berlin-Wedding, Germany. He studied at the Adolf Hitler School before joining the army in 1944. Kruger broke out into the film world in 1944's Junge Adler. During the war, he was captured by the Americans and turned into a prisoner of war. This, however, turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as he ended up being discovered as a fresh new face in acting. He was cast in many British films such as The One That Got Away, Chance Meeting and Bachelor of Hearts. He also starred in the African adventure film named Hatari, which was set in modern day Tanzania. As a result of this endeavor, he bought the location where the movie was shot and turned it into a resort hotel. He has been married to his wife Anita since 1978 and together they have two children.