Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle


1/1/1977, West Babylon, Long Island, New York City, New York, USA

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Harold Dieterle III


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Harold's favorite television shows include; Weeds, Rome, Dexter, Deadwood, and Entourage.

    • Harold admits that, in order to gain a spot on the first season of Top Chef, he acted like a "egomaniacal terror" during his auditions.

    • Harold's signature dish is "Steamed Thai Snapper", which was the first ever winning dish on Bravo's Top Chef.

    • Harold says that he started cooking as a way to meet girls in his high school's home economics class.

    • Harold is 5'10".

    • He used to study in the Culinary Institute of America when he was young.

    • Harold's restaurant, Perilla, opened in May of 2007 and is located on Jones Street in New York City. In October, the 29th annual New York Zagat Survey listed Perilla as a notable newcomer.

  • Quotes

    • Harold: (his advice to young chefs) People always say they could never make this, that, or the other. The best way to go about it is, every time you go out and cook, you try something different. You just try to push the envelope a little and take a step further every time.

    • Harold: (on how he made it on Top Chef's first season) I'll be honest with you: I absolutely, positively played the game. Before my final audition, I got totally over caffeinated and was a total egomaniac. I told them no one can cook as good as me.

    • Harold: (on meeting with the Top Chef casting director) He was like, 'open casting call is this day'. And I was like, open call? I'm not going to an open call! I'm a chef, man.

    • Harold: ( about his restaurant concept) It's going to be seasonal new American fare with southeast Asian accents, focusing on the innocence and purity of food. Food that comes from the ground/water right to the plate. I don't like to mess with a good thing.

    • Harold: I usually say what's on my mind, but some people on this show [Top Chef] were so outspoken that I couldn't. I just ended up sitting back and taking it all in.

  • Harold is by far the best choice in the finals. He has never been rude, mean, hurtful to any of the chefs on this show. He is cool, composed, and shows oh so much class.moreless

    Harold is amazing on the show. I would love to see him have his own show. He's genuine; the best word I can think of. He has stayed true to himself throughout the show. He has so much more class than Tiffany.

    I truly hope he wins the Las Vegas challenge. Of the two left in this finale, he deserves the win.
  • I am Harold's number one fan! I wish all the chefs lots of luck, because up against Harold, their chances of winning are very slim!

    In my opinion, Harold is the underdog who will prevail! I love the way he works. Watching him is pure inspiration. He remains calm on the surface and thinks realistically about the task at hand. His demeanor in the kitchen is something that should be studied by aspiring chefs.

    The first few weeks were hard to watch, while he lost the quick fire challenges, knowing that he should have won. I was over joyed when he finally won; it was long overdue and much deserved.

    If I had to choose one chef to go to Las Vegas, I would absolutely pick Harold. Not only is he talented but he is very easy on the eyes. I wish him the best of luck, and can\'t wait to see what the last few episodes bring. Good luck to you Harold, and next time I am in the city, I will surely be looking you up.moreless