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    • Blink 182 is one of Harris's favortie bands.

      Harris's first role was on The New Addams Family TV show. He played a boy scout named, Willy.

    • He is an amazingly sweet person. I met him at the premire for " A Home at the end of the world". He was the only star that came over and talked to the crowd, and thanked us all for coming out.And he was kind enough to give me a hug! Not to mention what a hottie he is :-D. he'll go far!! Keep up the good work Harris Allan.
      Harris Allan 11 February 1985

      Harris Allan began his professional acting career in Vancouver, Canada at the age of 15 as a guest star on "Cold Squad." He has also appeared in the series "Smallville," and "The 4400." Allan's film credits include "Paycheck" and the feature film "Home at the End of the World," staring Collin Farrell, Robin Wright Penn and Sissy Spacek. Harris will be featured in the soon to be released movie, "Final Destination 3," and will guest star on the new television series, "Masters of Horror," set to air sometime in 2006. Harris is not limited to just acting roles. He is also a singer/songwriter and lead guitarist for the band Square 9. The group has performed in and around the Vancouver area, and is currently working on their first CD.

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