Harry Belafonte





3/1/1927 , Harlem, New York

Birth Name

Harold George Belafonte, Jr.




Harold George Belafonte Jr. is an actor, composer, author, producer and singer.

He was born in Harlem, New York. His mother, Melvine was a domestic worker and his father, Harold George Belafonte was a chef. During his childhood, Harry lived with his grandmother in Jamaica. When he returned to New York he went to George Washington High School which he quit in order to join the Navy. Harry served in the Navy during World War II.

In the 1940s he took acting classes with Sidney Poitier, Tony Curtis, Marlon Brando and Walter Matthau. Harry’s first wife is Marguerite Byrd. They were married from 1948 till 1957. Their children are Adrienne and Shari. Adrienne is a child and family licensed professional counselor. Shari is a model, photographer, singer and actress.

Harry’s second wife, is Julie Robinson. They were married in 1957. Julie is a former dancer with the Katherine Dunham Company. Their children are David and Gina. David is an executive director for the Belafonte Enterprises Inc. Gina is an actress.

Harry is a political and humanitarian activist. He was inspired by singer and activist Paul Robeson, whom he considers his mentor.