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    • Harry: (on performing the Yiddish song Hava Nagilah) When I want people to understand that we are more brothers and sisters than we are not, I say I will take your music and your culture to other places until you see twenty-thousand Germans in a stadium in Germany, singing a Jewish song at the top of their lungs. What a wild image - especially since they are being led by a black American! It really is in itself its own bit of poetry. It's a way of eliminating the barriers that have kept us so distant from one another. Sadly, Hollywood is perhaps the most intransigent and resistant force to permitting this to happen - all because the men and women who run that institution are incapable of defining the profitability in that, as if we should somehow lose our souls in the name of gaining material fortune. I think that's a very bad negotiation. That's a very bad deal. The more people are pollinated with information from other cultures and can see reward in our differences rather than tear them, the better things will be. There's a real profit to be made in telling the truth.