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  • Harry Chapin makes us better people due to his songs and humanitarian efforts!

    I bought a Harry Chapin two cd back in 1998
    Really his music is more than just Cats in the Cradle
    As he brought stories to the songs as well as
    Making you think about life priorities. Even in death, which was way, way, too young in a car wreck at only 39.
    He is still remembered as a producer, writer, singer, humanitarian, social activist, husbad, father, son, and brother. Long life Harry!
  • What can be said about a man amoung men,

    Harry Chapin was one of the most talented and truely humble people of our times. He not only sang songs to please his fans but he wanted to make a difference in the world. He dedicated his life to help the worlds social issues especially World Hunger. His life was cut short by a tragic accident which not only left his family without him but his fans as well and all future fans there may have been.