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Harry Harris

Harry Harris


Kansas City, Missouri



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Harry Harris Jr.
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  • Harry Harris was working at the beginning of television in the 1950s and he is still working today. That says a lot about anybody in any profession.

    Maybe I\'m biased. Harry is my cousin. As a child, I can recall days when I went up to 20th Century Fox studio on Pico Boulevard and visited Harry. One shoot I can recall vididly was an episode of Lost In Space. I watched that day\'s shoot and Harry took me over to make up afterward and had me made up as if my face had been sliced open with a razor. Then I took the bus home looking like that. Another day I was on my way to his set and got lost all day on one of the most fabulous external sets ever - the streets of New York City for Hello Dolly. Does anybody remember that set? It was up for at least two years, right after Fox tore down the Cleopatra set.

    Harry is, no doubt, one of the most prolific and ubiquitous television directors in the medium\'s history. I\'m proud to be related to him. I welcome people who want to contact me at