Harry J. Lennix

Harry J. Lennix


11/16/1964, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Harry Joseph Lennix III



Also Known As

Harry Lennix, Harry Joseph Lennix III
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Harry Joseph Lennix III was born in 1964, the youngest of four siblings on Chicago's south side. He attended Northwestern University, where he majored in Theater. After graduation he taught Music and English for several years while maintaining an active stage career and even fitting in a bit…more


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    • Harry J. Lennix: I am an utter goof. You should have seen me the other day, doing somersaults off the diving board for a bunch of kids. The only incentive I needed to keep doing them was for them to keep laughing.

    • Harry J. Lennix: My personal standard of the pursuit of quality work challenges me to be the best actor that I can be. I really couldn't be less interested in the fame or the fortune. I don't wish to be unknown, but I just like the work.

    • Harry J. Lennix: Some people see me as unapproachable. There is work that I have done that I would be proud for them to see, because once they see some of that work, they can know that I'm not just stern.

    • Harry J. Lennix: (on what made him want to act) It was something that I fell into at the beginning. Then learning of and studying the works of great actors made me pursue it. I love great work and make believe. It makes life more livable.

    • Harry J. Lennix: My ideal woman would have a life of her own, interests of her own. We would have common things of great interest like music and politics.

    • Harry J. Lennix: If there is something that I want people to know about me as an actor, it is that I will try just about anything as long as it does not demean the art, the craft or my legacy as a Black man.

  • Harry Lennix is believed to be Hollywood's hardest working man, according to Ebony.

    I think Harry Lennix is a man to reckon with. man. He has accomplished a lot in his career. I read about him recently and he seems to me to be a man who has his acts together. He looks like someone who is focused in life. I also perceive him as a man who is not shallow-minded and I wish him luck in all his endeavors.