Harry Judd

Harry Judd


12/23/1985, Chelmsford, England, UK

Birth Name

Harry Mark Christopher Judd



Also Known As

McFly, Juddy Harold
  • McFly on the Wall
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Born on 23rd December 1985, Harry is the drummer in pop band, McFly. He was born in Chelmsford, and went to Uppingham public school, along with Charlie Simpson of Busted. Before joining McFly, Harry was a keen cricketer, and once almost played for England, but he chose drums…more


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    • Harry: We always planned to make a big, ballsy album full of energy. We knew how it should be produced, but it never quite turned out that way. Down the line, the sound was filtered though different peoples' opinions or became a little too polished. Radio:ACTIVE still has the hooky, pop melodies of our previous albums, but the production is a massive step up for us. We set out to capture the energy and excitement we have on stage and we achieved that, and more.

    • Harry: I like a girl i can have a good conversation with.

    • Harry: I reckon i'm worth about 2.99 pounds- and that's with 50 per cent off, A bargain, i'm sure you'll agree!

    • Harry: It was cool to be a pop band back then. Nowadays if you're pop and playing guitars 'n' stuff, people look down on it and say you can't play your instruments.

  • Harry Judd is the drummer of the British Pop-Rock band McFLY. He is a self taught drummer and occasionally contributes to the song writing in the band.

    Harry never ceases to amaze me! His drumming is awesome and he's so caring! When he announced that he was going to run the Marathon for charity it just boosted my adoration for him and the rest of McFLY. He's also quite handsome which of course makes every girl love him despite that fact that his drumming is epic! He's quirky and talented and the band is lucky to have him! Most fans who've met him say he tends to be the sweet one, I hope I get the chance to see that for myself! Yay for Harry the great!moreless
  • Harry Judd is just fantastisc.

    I think that harry judd are absolutely gorgeous and he is verry talented with his drums... he's like the next Travis Barker and I love both McFly and Blink 182 because they are making so damm good music and McFly is jsut so amazing that i don't have words to describe what i really think about them... and I really think that Harry can be the next Travis Barker and for me he is the best drummer in the world so Harry have to be really good if he can appear with Travis so Yeah I think that he is just amazing good luck in the future... kisses from Saramoreless