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Hart Hanson

Hart Hanson


Burlingame, California, USA

Birth Name

Hartwick David Hanson


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Hart was born in Burlingame, California, but moved to Canada at a very young age. Hart enjoys music especially Jazz and it has helped inspire him while working on writing. He is probably best known for his work on the television show Bones but has also worked as…more


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    • Hart: (On Emily Deschanel) She walked in and she just was the character. She is smart and beautiful and funny, and she's slightly different. She's just left-of-centre as an actress.

    • Hart: (On the relationship between Bones and Booth on Bones) We will keep them apart as long as we possibly can without driving our audience away.

    • Hart: (On the forensic work on Bones) We found that you can take almost any murder and figure out how the body degrades to the point where a forensic anthropologist is the only person who is going to be able to give you any clues, and we go from there. So instead of finding a fresh body, we usually find one that's anywhere between a week and 10,000 years old, and it applies to her.

    • Hart: (About Kathy Reichs) She reads every script and gives us comments on them, and she's a pretty good resource for the writers. When they're coming up with ideas, they call and ask, 'Is this possible? Would this ever happen?'

    • Hart: (On his show Traders) Coming up with new stories set in an investment bank was just really tough.

  • Giant in your field.

    Emily Deschanel acting abilities is extremely Brilliant.

    David Boreanaz acting is Brilliant as well.

    I love the way that all the cast members act wonderfully together and its so realistic you have to stop and remind your self that it is a television show at it best because the acting from everyone is so intense.

    I don't want to leave out any of the other cast members names as they are like family in this television series which I would love to see run 10 or more years.

    T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor, Michaela Conlin, Eric Millegan,

    Sincerely I hope I didn't leave any one out.

    Thank you & the writers for an Amazingly, Brilliant, Witty and more television series.

    Take good care everyone and stay safe, healthy and happy. It would be wonderful to get and auto graph picture of you all, or at best come to Canada for a visit.

    Best Wishes, and oh yes, You All Deserve a Big Fat Raise!moreless
  • Creator of Bones

    I have not seen a lot of the things that he has written or directed or created but I love Bones and for that Hart Hanson will always be a favorite.

    He has written a few episodes of Bones so far the Pilot The boy in a tree, Titan on the Tracks, Judas on a Pole, and plenty more, all of which were excellent. Hart created my favorite show as of now so he is definitely a good guy. He has been involved with many other television shows that I have not watched but they must be good if he was working on them. I cannot wait to see what else he does with Bones this season and for those that come.moreless