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    • Hart: (On Emily Deschanel) She walked in and she just was the character. She is smart and beautiful and funny, and she's slightly different. She's just left-of-centre as an actress.

    • Hart: (On the relationship between Bones and Booth on Bones) We will keep them apart as long as we possibly can without driving our audience away.

    • Hart: (On the forensic work on Bones) We found that you can take almost any murder and figure out how the body degrades to the point where a forensic anthropologist is the only person who is going to be able to give you any clues, and we go from there. So instead of finding a fresh body, we usually find one that's anywhere between a week and 10,000 years old, and it applies to her.

    • Hart: (About Kathy Reichs) She reads every script and gives us comments on them, and she's a pretty good resource for the writers. When they're coming up with ideas, they call and ask, 'Is this possible? Would this ever happen?'

    • Hart: (On his show Traders) Coming up with new stories set in an investment bank was just really tough.