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  • Hayden Panettiere's new movie is coming out next month, I cannot wait, but her page for the movie is totally awesome I love it! Hayden your my Idol!!!! :D

    Hayden is awesome, I love her, I would practically do anything for her, OMG, after seeing her in Hero's I cannot wait to see her play the role she has alwsys been the best for: Romantic Comedy!!!!


    OMG, I Love You Beth Cooper Is Finally coming out this summer! I watched the trailer a few months ago, and I can't wait to see it!!! Hayden Panettiere is my FAVE, I love her in Hero's! I can't wait to see it, but until then there is a cool site for the movie! On the page,there's a contest to submit your personal video to confess something about yourself. I haven't submitted mine yet, but I am so tempted to do so. The winner goes on national TV, that sounds cool! … When the nerd Dennis revealed his crush on the hottest girl in high school during graduation, she wound up showing him the night of his life! LOL. I just submitted mine, and who knows maybe I'll be the winner. Maybe you might see me on National TV soon, and ask for my autograph ! LOL. Also check out the confession Tweets, hilarious! I already spent an hour reading them and laughin' my "best" off :D. Now I gotta go and finish my project after being online for hours :)… O yeah Here's the page, have fun

    I've already tweeted three or four of my secrets, and uploaded a video. I already feel better getting all of those secrets out!. If you go to the movie site you can make a short video …I just uploaded mine, and I can't stop watching myself haha