Hayley Zalewski

Hayley Zalewski


2/22/1983, Melbourne, Australia

Birth Name

Hayley Ann Zalewski



Also Known As

Hayley Luscott
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Hayley and Andrew broke up in late 2007. Andrew called an end to the relationship and moved out of the apartment the couple shared in Southbank, Melbourne. He moved into his new home in South Melbourne in January 2008.

    • Hayley and Andrew both changed their surnames following Big Brother. Hayley changed from Zalewski to Luscott, while Andrew changed from Temmet to Halas.

    • In 2007, Hayley appeared in a commercial for Macleans toothpaste.

    • Hayley has a dog called Abbie, which she shares with her boyfriend Andrew.

    • Hayley was the 5th person to be evicted from Big Brother, but she was not voted out by the public. Big Brother told her and her boyfriend Andrew that one of them had to go and they got to decide who, because it was an unfair advantage that entered the house as a couple.

    • Hayley's dream job is to work with kids.

    • Hayley doesn't like ignorant people with big mouths.

    • Her phobia is 'stuff under water'.

    • Hayley's parents separated when she was four years old.

    • Hayley's mother competes in body building and has won 3 Natural Olympia Titles. It was her mother's involvement that first got Hayley interested in body building.

    • When Hayley was competing in body building, she was required to eat seven times a day and had a diet mainly consisting of chicken, tuna and almonds.

    • Hayley competed in her first bodybuilding competition in October, 2001.

    • Hayley has three sisters and two brothers.

    • Hayley's eye colour is blue.

    • Hayley was born in the Mercy Hospital in Melbourne.

    • Hayley chose to take boyfriend Andrew into the Big Brother reward room after winning the second week of Friday Night Games.

    • Hayley and Andrew's secret relationship in the Big Brother house was revealed to their fellow housemates after a week, closely followed by the revelation that Hayley's ex-boyfriend Billy, was also in the house. After Big Brother asked the housemates to work out who was in a relationship in the house, only three of the housemates managed to work it our correctly. Andrew initially thought the revelation of Billy's relationship with Hayley was a joke, before realising it was the truth and giving him a good-natured hug.

    • On the 2007 season opener of the Australian series of Big Brother, Hayley described herself as compassionate, intelligent and fun.

    • Hayley entered the 2007 Big Brother house as part of the 'secret couple'. Her boyfriend of twelve months, Andrew, was also in the house. Their mission given to them by producers was to keep their relationship a secret for two weeks, after which time, they would be outed by Big Brother. If they failed to keep their relationship unknown, one of them would face eviction. Hayley's ex-boyfriend, Billy, was also sent into the house, surprising her as she had no prior knowledge of the event. Hayley and Andrew passed their challenge and won $50,000 to add to the final prize money.

    • Hayley was a body sculptor champion, winning the following titles:
      Miss Natural Olympia;
      Miss Natural Figure; and
      Miss Open Figure.

    • Hayley studied law at Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria, and her occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house in 2007 was as a lawyer.

    • As at April 2007, Hayley resides in Victoria, Australia.

  • Quotes

    • Hayley: (asked if any old feelings for Billy were stirred up in "Big Brother") Not at all. There's nothing romantic there. It was more shock because I thought 'Big Brother's made a mistake. He doesn't realise my connection to Billy!'. So I ran straight into the diary room and said 'I don't think you've realise you've just sent my ex-boyfriend in as an intruder.' Big Brother didn't say anything and I said 'Oh right. No, I understand. Thank you Big Brother'. I definitely didn't see that coming and it was definitely an extra challenge having to lie to Andrew, which I struggled with for a bit.

    • Hayley: (asked to sum up her "Big Brother" experience) Mind blowing. It was definitely one where you learn to expect the unexpected. My standard line in there after the first week was 'You think you know what's going on in here and then Billy walks in'. You really never know what's actually going on. I thought I was in on the whole secret and I really wasn't.

    • Hayley: (asked why Bodie & Demet were mean to her) I know that Bodie had a lot of insecurities in the house and I think that was proven by the way he was with a number of the people in the house, such as Rebecca. I think she was going to confront him with a lot of the things he thought he was pretty knowledgeable on and he perhaps wasn't, such as his spirituality. I think that Rebecca is probably one of the most spiritual people in the house and had he gotten to know her I think that he would have realised that he's not the spiritual being that he takes himself to be. I think it took him a long time to realise that things that made him popular in year 12, wasn't going to wash with adults in the Big Brother house.

    • Hayley: (asked if being in "Big Brother" was easier with Andrew in there too) In a way yeah. It made it a lot easier emotionally because I got to get into bed at night and pour my heart out to someone that I know I can trust and just to have that support. In the same breath we were met with a lot of opposition in there so they probably equalled each other out.

    • Hayley: (on her plans following "Big Brother") Now, I'm hoping for Andrew to come out. I sound selfish saying that, but he has said that he would be OK to come out now. If it was his time now, he thinks he's gotten everything he can out of the experience. Obviously, I would love him to stay in there and have some time free of my crap. He did do a lot of supporting and worrying on behalf of me in there and I just hope that now I'm gone, which is one of the main reasons that I pushed so hard for it to be me, I just hope that he can really have some time to himself.

    • Hayley: (on theories her and Andrew were 'playing the game') I can't believe all these suggestions. I can 110% say we were being ourselves the whole time, so if that was taken as playing the game then so be it. The reality is I think Andrew was heard a few times saying to me 'It's just a game. Just keep playing it.' That was I think taken very much out of context because he was trying to give me perspective when I lost it and was thinking 'I want to get out of here. This is crazy. I hate these people. I hate this place.' He'd say 'It's just a game. Just keep playing the game. Don't be affected by it.' It was taken completely out of context. Each to their own, they've all got their own opinions but I'll say one thing and that was that Bodie, when he said I was playing the game on a number of occasions, every time I responded by saying 'OK, give me something to back it up. All I want is your reasons.' And every time his only reason was 'I don't have to give you a reason, it's obvious'.

    • Hayley: (asked who she thinks was playing the game in "Big Brother") I think the only person I could pin it on, not as a negative but who's perhaps altering their behaviour or taking time out of their day to think of their next move or assess other people's moves, is Jamie. He's probably the only person that you really can see when we get fines and stuff that he is a little bit angry about it. He's probably the only person that I think takes the time to sit back and plan his move and watch other people's moves. Start watching him a little bit more.

    • Hayley: (asked how her obituary would read) She loved passionately, laughed uncontrollably and loved every moment she made worthwhile.

    • Hayley: [on Andrew's Friday Night Live win] I'm just glad he's got time off from hearing me whinge.

    • Hayley: [to Andrew on their relationship] Behind every great man is a better woman and I am that woman.

    • Hayley: (her advice to people thinking about getting into body building) Be prepared to make sacrifices! It's not going to be easy and you will really find out who your real friends are. 99% of your prep is MENTAL! Make sure you try to explain what your doing and why you are doing it to your friends and family. As for a lot of people they just don't get and for that reason. They will critisize and that's the last thing you need. Learn to deal with critisism and know that alot of the time it's genuine concern for your well being but at times its pure jealousy.

    • Hayley: (describing herself) I don't try hard to impress people as long as I am 100% happy with where I am and what I'm doing. I am happy and confident.

    • Hayley: [when asked what got her started in bodybuilding] My mom has been competing for about 3 years now and won 3 Natural Olympia Title. I watched her the first year and decided I wanted to 'give THAT a go!' and here I am!

    • Hayley: (adamant there's no way she would get naked on "Big Brother") There is no need. Nudity does not equal entertainment.