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Hazem Ali

Hazem Ali


Chicago, Illinois

Birth Name

Hazem Ali



Also Known As

Armando Alejandro Estrada
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Hazem Ali began his career in WWE in the developmental program OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling). He started there as a bodyguard. He then changed to become known as Osama Rodriguez Alejandro, a half Palestinian and half Cuban. In April 2006 he made his WWE debut on Raw to…more


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  • He is a funny enertainer

    My name is Armando Aleandra Estrada. Now thats what WWE should let him say every time he comes out, it's the best he has in WWE, I believe he is one of the best managers in WWE today, even though there are very few. Hopefully he can prove himself worthy more on Televised matches.
  • Funny as all hell

    Man, this guy is a classic! He is supposed to be a heel however when he comes down to the Raw ring with his associate Umaga, he always says his name and the crowd always say it with him. I love the accent he has. I think he is great as the associate with Umaga and I think Umaga will go pretty far in the WWE.. I can see him capturing the Intercontinental title in the near future as he is unstopable at the moment. He is undefeated. Anyway finishing up he is one of the people on RAW I look forward to seeing every week! :) Im talking to Joo!! haha!!moreless