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  • The Queen

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 26 - 12/22/97

    Asleep on her island late at night, Neri has a vision of her mother, she tells Neri that it is "her time" but Neri admits that she is afraid of what is to come. On the Ocean Planet, Shersheba is taken prisoner by Garron, on Malakat's order, upon arriving. She tells Garron that she has brought the cure to the virus—but will only release it if she is recognized as their leader. Neri stops at ORCA to discuss with the Bates family her plans to go to the pyramid. Neri asks Helen, who has been in contact with the underwater pyramid, to ask it to allow her to enter the pyramid undetected. Through Helen, the pyramid directs Neri to the "cave of light" in the outback. In the underwater pyramid, Malakat orders the pyramid to destroy ORCA, but soon after Neri and Jason arrive and start the process to destroy the pyramid. Just as they are about to finish, Shalamorn enters the central chamber and retakes control of her pyramid. It is revealed that Malakat did not kill Shalamorn but kept her in a state of suspended animation on the Ocean Planet as he schemed to take over. Upon returning to the Ocean Planet, Shersheba discovered this and set her free. For their actions, Shalamorn exiles Malakat but pardons Shersheba since she brought the cure back to Ocean Planet and released her from Malakat's hold. In a ceremony in the underwater pyramid's central chamber, Neri is crowned princess and heir to the thrown by her mother.moreless
  • The History of the Whale Woman

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 10 - 11/28/97

    Jakamarra takes Jason and Neri to where he has hidden the Golden Ankh. Malakat is able to determine the location of the cave in the outback and informs Praxis of the Neri's whereabouts. Brett interrupts a meeting between Malakat and agents Shelby and Hauser with an anonymous phone call to inform them that Malakat and Shersheba are aliens themselves. Shelby and Hauser track Neri and Jason through the outback, and after being joined by Malakat and Shersheba, they find Jason, Neri and Jakamarra and close in. Agent Hauser pursues the kids up a cliff face but she slips at the top. Neri sees Hauser slip and goes back to rescue her allowing Agent Shelby to close in and apprehend her. Shersheba takes possession of the Ankh but Jakamarra steps in to grab it and tosses it to Jason. Jason's father arrives by helicopter and Neri tells Jason to escape with the Ankh. Reluctantly, Jason boards the helicopter and must watch as Neri is taken away by Praxis.moreless
  • The Hunt for the Golden Ankh

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 9 - 11/27/97

    Praxis's return to ORCA prompts Cass and Brett to seek Winston's help to delete all of Helen's records of Neri. Louis observes them through the airduct and informs Shelby and Hauser of what is happening but by the time the agents react, all of the records have been erased. Neri and Jason dive to the underwater pyramid, Neri activates the Shalamorn hologram and the pair are told about a rebel faction on the Ocean Planet that is opposed to a peaceful migration to earth. Soon after Malakat and Shersheba arrive and tell Neri and Jason of their own plans, as part of the rebel group, to use the power of the pyramid to melt Earth's polar icecap to prepare the planet for their people's arrival. Malakat also tells Neri that he caused the spacecraft that she and her father were on to crash to earth. Malakat demands the Golden Ankh be tuned over to him, but Neri and Jason escape through the water gate. They emerge in the same cave in the outback that they were in before and find Jakamarra waiting for them.moreless
  • Stranded in the Desert

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 5 - 11/23/97

    Leaving the cave to find help, Jason is found by Jakamarra who drives him back to the others but won't take them with him citing a legend about a "whale woman" who was pursued after leaving the very same cave. Winston locates the group in the outback but PRAXIS, after intercepting Winston's transmissions to the region, head out to capture the trio. Hauser and Shelby meet up with Jakamarra who leads the agents astray long enough for Jason and Brett's father to arrive in a helicopter to rescue Neri and the boys. Before leaving, Neri gives Jakamarra the golden ankh for safekeeping.moreless