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    i was practically in tears when i heard. great actor and I hope the Dark Knight will leave him in a good light. His career was just starting.
  • A Great Actor Who is deeply missed.

    My deepest condolences to the Ledger Family. When I heard he had passed away, I almost cried. I love him!! He has that whoke sweet guy vibe to him, but he could also be dangorous(sp?) He was one of HollyWoods great young actors. I was driven to tears by his Brockback Mountain preformance. So beautiful. He really should have won the Oscar, but even to be nominated is an honor. I LOVED him in 10 things I hate about you. It was really funny and romantic. Once Again, The Ledger family has my deepest sympathey. Rest in Peace Heath. God Bless.
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    he was one of my favarite actors!!
  • Heath

    I can´t believe his gone. Ever since I first watched Ten things I hate about you, I thought Heath was the best. I´ve only seen four os his movies but I loved him in every one of them. He is so good looking and talented and that smile of his is simply adorable.

    I just want to say that he really is one the greatest actors for me and I hope that people will remember him for a long time becase I sure will. I´ll remember Heath as a black-haired "bad boy", a knight and a cowboy at least.

    Rest in Peace Heath.
  • He's an all time favorite of mine and always will be.

    He was one of my all time favorite actors why had this happened to him. He's such a good actor. Stuff like this always happens to the best of people. Stuff like this should not happen at all. It'll make our lives so much easier if stuff like this never happened. Wish he was still alive to make more awsome movies. Can't wait to see the Joker movie with him in it. It looks really good. Hope it wasn't canselled or anything. I'm really looking forward to seing it. He's to good of an actor to redo that movie. Thats for sure.
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    Heath Ledger was never one to walk under the spotlight. He enjoyed his life because he enjoyed what he did even if it meant stressing himself out dying out of passion for one’s true dedication to his job. I’m not one to really believe the media but even if it is true he had been involved in drugs at one point of his life he had his reasons and for that he deserves respect because everyone goes through issues in their life and everyone needs a way to get around them. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s not like he did it intentionally for anyone to judge him for it. No one is perfect. Instead we should remember him for the great passion he had for the great works of art he has left us with. It is certainly sad he has left us at such a young age but then again sometimes the saying “the good die young� stands still. In this case he was a very good actor and father whether we saw him for who he really was or not he never deserved all the chaos of stories and allegations brought upon him during his time of death. May his soul rest in peace and may we honor him for the right reasons and not for what the media has to say about him.
  • Heath Ledger, a wonderful actor who kept his personally life aside from his famous life. Was a true actor, who lost his life way to early.

    I respect Heath in many ways, one for being a true actor. Unlike many, Heath really enjoyed his job as an actor. He kept his personally life aside from his famous life. He kept to himself and did not take advantage of his famous life. I thought he was such a wonderful actor who lost his life just way to soon. I do wish his family the best; because they have probably heard many stories of what happened to Heath. Hopefully, the family will soon find out what happened to Heath, and not have to keep wondering what the truth is.
  • Wonderfully amazing!

    Heath Ledger was a terrific actor, I think as a actor he will always be great, but he was also just a man. I was first introduced to him in 10 things I hate about you, and tried to follow his career. I thought his performance in The Patriot was great and only a guy who is secure with how he is could act as a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. I didn't live in Carseland Alberta when Brokeback Mountain was filmed here but people say he was a kind man and a wonderful person to talk to. I am pround to say that I am a fan of his.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Rest in Peace.
  • Gone but not forgotten!

    A great talent that will be forever missed. As I think he not just had the looks but also had the talent to break into superstardom as well as have one great future ahead of him. As he first came to the scene in the tv show "Roar" though it only lasted for a season. He was destined for bigger and brighter things ahead of him. With his breakthrough role in "The Patriot" and that his last film was the Dark Knight playing the Joker. Will miss his talent as now all that is left are the memories. Really feel bad for his family and the little girl he left behind.
  • I'm completely shocked by his death.!! He was one of Australia's greatest talents of all times, and we will all miss him so much!

    I'm completely shocked by his death.!!
    He was one of Australia's greatest talents of all times, and we will all miss him so much!
    I am very sympathetic toward his family and friends.
    And wish my kindest condolences. He will always be remembered as an actor who shone in every role he ever portrayed, and chose some of the most difficult and beautiful roles for his career. Australia will miss him.
    And The world will miss him.
    A credit to Australia, and the film industry around the world.
    R.I.P your beautiful soul. You will be forever in our hearts, and on our screens.
    Thankyou for sharing your talent!
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    what's not to love? he's an amazing actor with a sweet accent! i love patrick in 10 things i hate abouit you, william in a knight's tale, and everything else!
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    Heath Ledger is a decent actor, but he really is nothing special. The only reason that he is appears as a good actor is that he has chosen his roles very carefully.
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    He is way hot, and I love his accent... as for the rest... well, I guess he's a good actor, or they wouldn't hire him. I just haven't seen that.
  • I think Heath Ledger is an okay actor but he is not cute at all and sometimes in his movies he is just flat out bad.

    Heath Ledger is a pretty good actor....sometimes....fine ok I will tell you the truth: Once in a blue moon he is a good actor.

    In Brokeback Mountain I just wanted to kill him....He was terrible and now I know why he did not get best actor award...he should not have been nominated. The movie was still the besst movie ever just because Jake Gyllenhaal was the best actor in that movie.

    I did however like him in the Patriot!! I thought he was really good in it. He made me cry and he just I do not know was just really good.

    Overall Heath Ledger is a bad actor!
  • Who can't love Heath? He was born in Australia, so he has that adorable accent that every girl dreams of hearing in real life!

    Heath is just a great all-around actor. His role in Brokeback Mountain was definitely a breakthrough for him. He seems to be a sweet and kind guy. By the way, he asked Brokeback co-star Jake Gyllenhaal to be his daughter's godfather. Is that not adorable or what? Imagine being that little girl growing up with Heath Ledger as your dad and Jake Gyllenhaal as your godfather. Heath is extremely talented and has finally got the attention he deserves.
  • Conor

    He is a kool person and I love all the episodes also is a charming guy. I give him a heads up and great going!! Hope he goes farther in life also have great adventures in life and in acting!! It would be nice if someone rates this and give me comments on him it would be nice. Does anyone elsa like or love what he does?
  • Heath Ledger, in my opinion, is the bad boy type of actor who doesn't care whether people like his work or not, just as long as he enjoys making it.

    Heath Ledger is beautiful and talented actor who has just recently began starring in a lot of movies such as The Brothers Grimm and Brokeback Mountain. His earlier works, such as 10 Things I Hate About You, though not very well known, are very entertaining to watch. is I am so happy for him and Michelle Williams and I wish them the best of luck in life.
  • i don't personally like the guy.much

    i don't personally like the guy.much
    However his accent is TOTALLY HOT, i've been trying 2 get his blonde hair color for months and he's an ok actor but definatly not one of my fav's at all. I did really like his acting in 10 things I hate about you and Ilove the movie it's self.