Heath Miller

Heath Miller


10/22/1982, Richlands, Virginia

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Earl Heath Miller Jr.


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Heath Miller is a tight end who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is a starter and was drafted in 2005. He recently won a superbowl with the Steelers.


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    • Heath: I don't worry about when I might be starting, ... I just try to go out and do my job when I get the opportunity and make the best of it.

    • Heath: I feel a lot more comfortable with the offense at this point than I did coming into training camp, and I'm ready to roll this Sunday.

    • Heath: As it will be every week, we're going to take what the defense gives us. The defense will dictate where we're going to go with the football.

    • Heath: It gives you a little confidence that you're able to make a play; hopefully I'll make more.

    • Heath: I'm not nervous yet, ... I imagine I'll get more nervous as the game gets closer.

    • Heath: It was exciting and good to get it out of the way. Getting that first one is really important.

    • Heath: We kind of flooded the side. I came open in the corner, and Ben got me the ball.

    • Heath: When I released, I knew there was no one out there to cover me, ... It was just a matter of him getting the ball to me.

    • Heath: I guess I'm a little guarded, ... But the more I get to know people, the more fun I can have. I'm just thankful I'm on a team like this, because every time I turn around, somebody is there to help me out and talk to me. That speaks a lot about the guys on this team.

    • Heath: I felt I was on all my assignments and I played well at the line of scrimmage.

    • Heath: I still see us as underdogs. Seattle's been one of the top teams in the league, throughout the entire year. We're a No. 6 seed and barely made the playoffs. We've got a tough challenge ahead.

    • Heath (On Roethlisberger): His stats might not have been great, but he's a champion and that's all that matters.

    • Heath: There was a point in there when it was rough, but the playoffs really built my energy level back up and I haven't looked back. We had a few days off and my body feels great right now.

    • Heath: It's almost too much to think about. So you don't think about it. That's what we've learned from the guys in this room: Not to think too much about it, just go out and concentrate on playing football.

    • Heath: I was able to get my hands inside and I probably used a little nudge from J.B. (Bettis) in the back to help me out a little bit.

    • Heath: The mesh of our personalities and the way we work together makes us as tight of a group as we are.

    • Heath: We can play the way we did today any time we want. Just because we don't always show a big-play passing game doesn't mean we don't have it.

    • Heath: We're doing what we have to do to move the football, and teams have been stuck on taking away our running game so we've had to pass to move it.

    • Heath: It would be awfully easy for me to take this for granted. Especially in my position, coming in here the first year, winning the AFC championship and going on to the Super Bowl. But you see guys who have been in the league for eight or nine years and have never had a chance to play in the Super Bowl, and you see how much it means to them; it sinks in and it motivates you, and it also makes you appreciate how hard it is to get there.

    • Heath: When I was little I always remember going to my grandma's on Sundays and having big meals, especially on holidays. We still do that on holidays.

    • Heath (on Roethlisberger): He's always the same person: cool, calm and collected.

    • Heath: I think he really puts out an aura of confidence for the whole team to feed off of.

    • Heath: I think it's nice to carry a winning streak in. I'd like to think that we'll play better than we did Sunday. I thought we left a lot out on the field. But we have this week to prepare and get ready to play our 'A' game next week.

    • Heath: I'd like to think we'll play better than we did today. I thought we left a lot out on the field.

    • Heath: He got by me on one of his signature moves. I found out really fast what it would be like playing at this level. I was learning from one of the best in the league. Man ...

    • Heath: We knew we wanted to do that early on and establish at that point that we were going to throw the ball on our own terms.

    • Heath: I just wanted to come in and take care to make plays when I had the opportunity and see what happens from there.

    • Heath: I was a little bit surprised. I obviously knew of him. And I thought it was nice of him to call. It was very nice to hear from a player who has been in the league for so many years. To hear from a player that's not even on your team was really nice.

    • Heath: I think I always try to play hard and be as physical as possible after I get the ball, ... I'm probably not going to outrun too many people, so I just try to run them over.

    • Heath: I made a few catches, but you can't be satisfied, ... Any time you lose the game, you've got to be disappointed.

    • Heath (On his first game): It was very exciting. That was my first live action in front of a packed house at Heinz Field.