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    • Heather: I loved playing a crazy woman stalking Mark Ruffalo's character in [UPN's short-lived 2000 series] The Beat. I got to burn down his apartment and wreck his car.

    • Heather: (on working with Sandra Bullock) She's just a dream boss, you know? And a friend. She's un-intimidating and giving and has integrity. It's nice to work with someone like that, and it's nice to know that people that good and with the amount of integrity that she has, has the success that she does. It doesn't always happen that way. It's nice to see the good guy win.

    • Heather: (comparing herself to her character in "Miss Congeniality") I think sometimes I can be a little slightly ditzy, not to that extent though. And I try to be as good a person as she is. I don't succeed as much as she does, but I try. I'm a little timid sometimes so I can understand that side of her.

    • Heather: (on being a sitcom writer) That's a tough, very aggressive world. The way you get to the humor is insulting each other. I could never do that. I'm not cutthroat. I'm Midwestern.

    • Heather: I don't like to drive. I don't like the aggressiveness that goes along with driving.

    • Heather: I'm lucky. I've worked with extremely talented women who won't sacrifice comedy to make themselves look better.

    • Heather: (on working with William Shatner in "Miss Congeniality 2") Well you know, I was basically tied up for five weeks with him. He was the funniest thing on the set. He's just always joking, always making puns. He'd have us rolling.