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  • Mild mannered, dry wit, and enthusiastic words which I would use when asked to describe Heather, sometimes accredited as Heather Louise Cameron. Hobbies are playing in the music school orchestra, (violin), and athletics, beware of the bagpipes!!!moreless

    Heather Cameron, also credited as Heather Louise Cameron on other sites, as Heather's dad and chaperone, we have travelled Europe where Heather has played alongside some of the biggest names in both film and British television. Heather tried for 2 years before her first break at the age of 7, playing Alice in Yorkshire Television's 'Micawber'. Two days before the first casting Heather broke her arm at a roller skating party and trundled in with her arm in cast, the rest is history as Heather has kept going, and is looked after by a team of good management. A trait for playing her characters with feeling, with over 17 films and t.v dramas over 5 years.

    Heather's academic studies have not faltered and is on track for her first GCSE in ICT by the end of year 9, and is quite happy attending the local comprehensive, Heather attends music school and enjoys playing the violin, having stopped playing the bagpipes in the pipeband, and now wants to attend bagpipe school during holidays, when not on set. Heather has represented her schools at netball, rounders and athletics, giving up dance grade 6 to get some rest. Heather has a natural ability, and enjoys watching and learning from those she has had the priveledge of working with.moreless