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Heather Donahue

Heather Donahue


12/22/1974, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA

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    • Heather: I find that a lot of women respond to my work in that it doesn't make them feel bad about themselves.

    • Heather: Acting is just something I always knew I wanted to do--acting and writing. I could read at a very early age and I loved stories, losing myself in stories, novels.

    • Heather Donahue: I've heard people say that The Blair Witch Project is a feminist movie because there's a woman in charge and I've heard it called a completely anti-feminist movie because this woman screws everything up. Who cares really? It's just a movie.

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  • creepy

    this chic just creeps me out she was pretty good in taken but her loks drive me crazy it is hard to watch her her eyes bug the crap out of me and she is perfect for horror movies because she just looks scary her eyes and everthing it bugs me i have to say she was the worste part of the mini series taken because theis gal just drove me crazy when ever she was on the screen plus she has really big nostrial and I hat looking up her nose all the time it just takes away form the show she is inmoreless