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  • A very talented and dedicated actress

    Heather is a very refreshing and talented actress to watch.But she is always almost in all her movies typecast as the nerd or homely sidekick! she deserves a break from that role.She was sooo dramatic and absolutely wonderful in her portrayl of Dawn in Welcome to the dollhouse.She was very good in Princess Diaries too, 1 & 2 i think she's underrated and most people dont talk about her alot or give her appreciation because of her unusual looks.I think heather is very quirky and cute, she also has a very nice personality.Anyways something in each movie catches Matarazzo in her amazing acting,she is just so charismatic and underused.Most people who dont like her just concentrate on her looks than her brilliant acting skills.Anyways ive been a fan since 1995 and 2000 and maybe after seeing one of her movies,you all will think so too.