Heather Mills

Heather Mills


1/12/1968, Aldershot, England, UK

Birth Name

Heather Mills



Also Known As

Lady Heather Mills McCartney, Heather Mills-McCartney, Heather Mills McCartney
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Heather turned down an offer of $210,00 to become the face of 'Private Shops', a large chain of sex shops.

    • In April 2007, Heather was on a flight to Britain when the entertainment system broke down. Heather and her Dancing With The Stars partner, Jonathan Roberts, performed an impromptu foxtrot down the aisles. Their routine was met with silence when the other passengers were left unimpressed.

    • Heather is strongly against the use of landmines and works very closely with the Adopt-A-Minefield organization.

    • On December 17th 2006 the BBC's website reported that police had warned Heather over a "non-specific threat" made to her safety.

    • In March 2007, a week before Heather participated in the show Dancing with the Stars, an Antigua-based inline gambling site opened betting on whether her prosthetic leg would fall off. The site stipulated that her leg "must fall off, not be purposely taken off, during a dance routine for all Yes wagers to be graded a win."

    • Heather Mills is 5'8½" tall or 1.74 m.

    • Heather is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Association.

    • In 1988, while aged nineteen, Heather took part in a photoshoot with a male model with whom she performed simulated sexual acts.

    • She has a daughter named Beatrice Milly McCartney with husband Paul McCartney, born on 28 October, 2003.

    • Heather Mills married Paul McCartney on June 11, 2002. They filed for divorce in May of 2006. She was also married to Alfie Karmal from 1989 until 1991.

    • Her work in Croatia and Phnom Penh, Cambodia earned her a 1996 Nobel Prize nomination.

    • She is an activist against the dog and cat fur trade and against land mines (seeking an international ban on land mines).

    • On 08 August 1993, during a visit to London, she was struck by a police motorcycle, responding to an emergency call, and suffered crushed ribs, a punctured lung, multiple fractures of the pelvis and the loss of her left leg below the knee.

  • Quotes

    • Heather: (on her love life following the split from Sir Paul McCartney) I've got so many stunning girlfriends who can't get a boyfriend. But when I go out, I get asked out all the time, and my girlfriends - who are better looking than me - say, 'How the hell does that happen?!' Maybe it's because I'm comfortable with myself.

    • Heather: (revealing she felt suicidal and persecuted by the media during her split from Sir Paul McCartney) They make up such lies. They've called me a whore, a gold digger, a liar, the most unbelievably hurtful things, and I've stayed quiet for my daughter. I've been close to suicide. What did the paparazzi do to Princess Diana? They chased her and they killed her.

    • Heather: I have a flat-foot leg, a high-heel leg and a leg I use for skiing in the winter and switch over to use for rollerblading in the summer.

    • Heather (on the divorce from Paul): I will never get over it. I will always love Paul. He is the father of my child but I just have to move on and deal with it and there is nothing I can do. I have never spoken badly about my husband. I never will -- he is the father of my child.

    • Heather Mills (On Dancing With the Stars): It's very very unlikely my leg's going to fly off even though it would be quite funny to knock one of the judges out.

    • Heather Mills: The word "fan" means fanatical. So when you go up to Paul, don't say you're a fan, say, 'I'm a great admirer.'

    • Heather: (on her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney breaking down) I was just madly in love, blinded by love, and totally, madly in love. I'm a good person.

    • Heather Mills: If I was a gold-digger, I would have a lot of money in my bank account. I'd be worth millions and millions.