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  • This Woman Can Dance!

    Having just started watching Glee on Netflix,I was super surprised at how much I loved one of the non-leading characters. Heather plays the dumb bimbo blonde Brittany and while she's a beautiful girl, what really got me was her background dancing. She provided so much energy in her performances my eyes were drawn to her moves over the dancing and singing of the main cast during many of the choreographed scenes. Inspirational.
  • Ahh my future wife

    She is just so gorgeous and funny lol lol I fell in love with her the first episode of glee...Shes hot hot hot hot hot i would love a girl like that...oh brittney marry me..................lol now seriouslly does this honestly have to be 100 words that is just really dumb they need to work on that...How about dear elizabeth morris If you ever come to ohio i want you to look me up and come find me...lol lol lol that would be oh so amazingly amazing...like seriouslly NO seriously really it would be amazing you rock my socks. And i love you this much.