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  • The best young actress ever !

    I really love Heather O'Rourke, I've been a fan of hers for ages. She's so beautiful as she captures the audience with her lovely long Blonde hair and winning smile. I've seen her in Poltergeist, Happy Days and Webster, She really steals every scene she's in by just being so adorable. A wonderful actress with a very natural acting ability. She will always live on in peoples mind as a little angel who melted our hearts. Rip Heather.
  • The most amazing little girl i have ever seen. The best child actor ever.

    The Best child actor ever. She is so talented, adorable, little, special little girl. Who toughed everyones hearts who acted with her, seen her, meet her. She is so professional in her acting it's so great. She can play any role happy, sad, emotional, funny etc. She's so great. I have seen her in Matt Houston, Webster, Happy days (12), New To Beaver, Our House and Chips and Poltergeist. She plays all kinds of characters. She is truly the best child actor, she is so charming. She puts all her energy into. If u see see all of these shows she is in you know what a talented little amazing girl she is. perfect 10.
  • Heather o'rourke was one of the greatest child stars ever.

    Heather o'rourke was one of the greatest child stars ever.She was a late star and would of gone on to do many more things if her death wasnt so sudden.her greatest role in my opinion was her part on poltergeist as carol ann freeling.She will not be remembered by the way she died but the way she lived.
  • Heather was my all-time favorite child actress.She was a beautiful,and talented 1980's child actress, who could play any type of character in any type of TV show,or movie.She was a great child actress and will be missed by everyone of her fans!

    The Poltergeist movies were the first horror movie I ever watched,and the only modern one I could watch,without getting too grossed out.Heather O'Rourke played the main character,a little girl that gets kidnapped by evil spirits who want her to "Lead them into the Light".In the first movie,these are unknown spirits that are angry that their eternal slumber was disturbed by a new housing development going up in Southern California.In the second movie,we learn that most of the ghosts from the first movie were really members of an early 1800's religious cult who died in a cavern that the Freeling family home was eventually built over, though it's not really explained why they want Heather's character,Carol Anne,to lead them into the light,until in the third,and last movie,we find out that they chose Carol Anne because she was born in the house that was built over the cavern.The third movie gets a bad rap because most of the stars from the first 2 movies aren't in it,as well as for the poor script,and sound-track,but all 3 movies will be my favorite in my mind because Heather made the movies.I don't know too many child actors that could've pulled off Heather's Carol Anne better than she did.She was also in several TV shows,and made-for-TV movies,during her brief career,that was tragically cut short in early 1988.All of us fans of hers will sorely miss her,but she will always live on in our hearts.
  • A look at a special little actress's television career, undeniable talent, beautiful looks, but, most importantly, her extraordinary range.

    Heather O'Rourke...where do I begin? I first saw her in the movie Poltergeist as a 4-year-old child and instantly fell deeply in love with her. My first glimpse (literally, it was only about 12 seconds worth) of her on TV was the "Happy Days" episode "I Drink, Therefore I Am" in the summer of 1997. I have since seen her in "Fantasy Island", "Chips", "Matt Houston", "Still The Beaver", "Webster", "Our House" "Believe You Can and You Can", "Surviving", and "Finder of Lost Loves", and she was superb in each production. She makes me wonder if she was only a 6-year-old to 11-year-old girl or a 40-year-old acting veteran! Her looks were deceiving, but etherially beautful, with her corn-silk blond hair and big, aqua-marine eyes. She showed us her comedic timing in "Happy Days", her uncanny ability to cry at a moment's notice in "Matt Houston", her rapier wit in "Webster", her straight-laced, commanding, compassionate side in "Our House" and her nasty, conning, bratty alter-ego in "Still The Beaver". She had tremendous range by age 9--appearently, the Youth in Films Awards agreed because they gave her the award for "Best TV Guest Appearance" in a sitcom in 1985 for her work in "Webster".

    Sadly, in her brief acting career, Heather never had her own TV series because fate determined she would die a very ill pre-teen in early 1988.

    Those who only remember her as the "Poltergeist girl" are sorely selling her short and undereducated. My advice to them is to check out all 12 of her "Happy Days" episodes (season 10), "Matt Houston" episode ("The Woman In White"), "Webster" episodes ("Katherine's Swan Song", "Second Time Around", "Travis"), "Our House" episode ("A Point Of View"), and "Still The Beaver" episodes ("Bad Poetry", "Material Girl").

    You'll discover an amazing little actress's talent, ability, and surprisingly wide range which was, most unfortunately, both underrated and cut short by her untimely death.