Heather Thomas

Heather Thomas


9/8/1957, Greenwich, Connecticut

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Heather Thomas grew up in Santa Monica, California. She knew she wanted to be in the public eye from an early age. At 14, she co-hosted an NBC series called Talking with a Giant, in which teens interviewed celebrities. She attended the UCLA film school, from which she…more


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  • She sure had a great rack.

    I remember Heather Thomas well from my young horndog days. She was the only real reason to watch the otherwise unmemorable Lee Majors vehicle known as The Fall Guy. Playing stuntwoman Jody Banks you could be sure that in nearly every episode they would find a way to insert Heather's shapely body into a bikini or some other skimpy outfit. And she never disappointed the viewers either. At least visually. LOL.

    Heather also appeared in the cult classic Zapped with Scott Baio and Willie Aames and after Fall Guy went off the air......well, not much of anything. I saw her once on Oprah (or was it Sally?) talking about her cocaine addiction so she was obviously a troubled woman during her stint on Fall Guy. Her homepage here at TV.com says that she's married now and the mother of a little girl so maybe Heather Thomas has found some measure of peace and happiness. I hope so for her sake. And it sure would be nice to see her in a bikini again. Even if she is in her late 40's now. I'm sure her body is still in great shape.moreless