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    • As at October 2006 - Heather is dating musician James Achor.

    • Heather admitted in a radio interview that she'd undergone an abortion. This led her to becoming quite vocal over controversial storylines involving abortion on daytime soaps such as Days Of Our Lives.

    • Heather is a major supporter of pro-choice organisations and has done charity work for AIDS and children's charities.

    • Heather concluded her run on New-York based soap One Life To Live in October 2006.

    • In September 2006, Heather's publicist admitted that if Y&R called, she might be inclined to step back into her character, Victoria's shoes.

    • In October 2006, Heather will return to the theatre in the show, The Secret Lives Of Marilyn And Jackie, in which she plays Marilyn Monroe.

    • Heather's parents are Marie and Charles Tom.

    • Heather aspires to work on Broadway.

    • Heather was embarrassed at the 31st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards when she read out the actors nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actor" when she mispronounced William DeVry's name.

    • Heather attended the Young Actor's Space to study acting.

    • Heather is also an avid art collector and has a large collection of paintings and sculptures.

    • Heather became fluent in sign language for her role in the play Gila.

    • When Heather was 10 years old she joined the Seattle Pacific Ballet.

    • Heather assists with numerous AIDS organisations, including 'Caring for Babies with AIDS', 'Tuesday's Child', 'Project Angelfood', and the 'AIDS Project Los Angeles'. She has volunteered in the kitchen at 'Project Angelfood' and helped prepare meals for disabled AIDS sufferers.

    • Heather has been named the Regional Ambassador for Childhelp USA, a national non-profit organisation that helps abused children.

    • Heather has appeared in the following movies: I'll Take Romance; Deadly Whispers; Lessie's Rainbow and Lookin' Good.

    • Heather helps teach young actors in subjects such as improvisation, scene study and on-camera work.

    • Heather left The Young and the Restless in 2003, after she was asked to take a substantial pay cut.

    • In 2005, Heather produced and starred in the play Gila. She received Robbie Theatre L.A. Award nomination for Best Actress for her role.

    • In 2005, Heather became the most nominated actress in her category as she received her 8th consecutive Emmy nomination.

    • Heather has won two Emmy Awards (1993, 1999) for her role as Victoria Newman on the The Young and the Restless, the first award being won when she was only 16.

    • Heather appeared in her first commercial at the age of two.

    • Heather won Best Younger Leading Actress at the Soap Opera Digest Awards in 1997.

    • Heather produced and starred in the play Biloxi Blues as Daisy. The play won 5 Dramalogue Awards.

    • As a teenager, Heather worked in a cookie shop.

    • In June 2006, Heather hosted a party at her home to benefit Daytime for Planned Parenthood.

  • Quotes

    • Heather: It is with great regret that I have decided to leave the cast of OLTL. The time has come for me to return to Los Angeles and pursue other creative avenues.
      I have loved my time in New York City, and I have been so lucky to have known and worked with some of the best people in daytime. The love and support from everyone on the set, and from my fans, has meant more to me than anyone can imagine.

    • Heather: I've done lots and lots of theatre. I'm starting a new show in October called The Secret Lives Of Marilyn And Jackie, in which I play Marilyn Monroe. It should be fun. We're going to start it in Pittsburgh and then move it to New York.

    • Heather: I'm heavily involved in charity work, particularly for a group called 'Planned Parenthood'. I've been doing some writing, too. I wrote an article for a gay publication on 25 years of HIV, and have been speaking out on women's health.

    • Heather: (staying in touch with Y&R actors Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott) I talk to them often. They have been super-supportive. When you work with people for 13 years, you don't just say goodbye and never see them again. It's been nice to keep that connection.

    • Heather: (on the role of Victoria on Y&R) She will always be dear to my heart. I originated the character. I threw a lot of myself into her.

    • Heather: (on watching Y&R since she left) I see it every now and then. It doesn't come on at a good time for me in New York, where I now live, because I'm usually working on One Life To Live when it's on.

    • Heather: (on Amelia Heinie taking her place in the Y&R) I haven't seen her as Victoria, but I saw her work on All My Children. I'm sure she is doing a great job.