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  • Meet the 26 year-old New Yorker who, along with millions of viewers, stood in disbelief as Gordon Ramsay unlocked the door to her dreams.

    And the winner is...

    Heather West. Meet the 26 year-old New Yorker who, along with millions of viewers, stood in disbelief as Gordon Ramsay unlocked the door to her dreams. So what did the tenacious Hell's Kitchen starlet have to say about her reality feat? And what was up with the whole Rachel 'friendship', anyhow? Let's just say she's ready to get on with her life and considering her impressive work ethic, why are we not surprised?

    Congratulations! Thank you so much. Yeah, I get choked up everytime I think about it. What was going on in your mind as your door opened and not Virginia's? Oh my God! I thought I lost. There was a shadow in front of my door. I guess it was a camera man, but I thought Virginia won and then my door opened, surprisingly. I couldn't believe it. I fell to the ground. (laughs) When is your restaurant at the Red Rock Casino set to open? I think I'll be over there in the next couple of weeks so hopefully sometime after that. What's the name? Actually, it's up in the air right now. I'm not sure if they're deciding that or I am. I don't know. Typically, restaurant owners embark upon some culinary journey where they test cuisines and research their menu options before coming up with a concrete plan. Are you doing any similar preparation? Yes, I've been doing a lot of research right now. I have a lot of ideas and people working on it with me. Is there any specialty or anything you know is going to be on the menu? My desserts. Definitely. Garret made a comment to you about women and their place in the kitchen. Is there anything you would like to say to him now? Absolutely not. Garret and I are really close and he apologized after he made that comment. It was more of a joke, ya know? But they didn't even show the apology on TV so...I can see why people get that impression. Is there anybody else you keep in touch with from the show? I talk to Keith and I'm very very close to Virginia. I also talk to Gabe and Maribel. When we talked to Keith last week, he was still under the impression that Ramsay took Virginia based on his feelings for her. What do you think about that? I don't know. I can't speak for both sides. I mean--Keith and I going against each other would've been perfect. You have the 'H' and the 'K'. He would've given me a run for my money. Definitely. Are you getting recognized on the streets? Yeah. People are randomly stopping me. I'll be eating and someone will walk up to me and yell Hey! I know you! It's great. The fans are really supportive. I'm actually on MySpace talking to them right now. (laughs) Have you been in contact with Ramsay since the show ended? I'm assuming he's probably helping you out with the new restaurant... Unfortunately, no. I hope I'll speak with him soon cause he's definitely a mentor to me. I need to get a hold of him. I know a lot of the contestants want to speak with him, too. Was he a pretty decent guy? Oh yeah. He's an amazing person on and off camera. I don't think he's rude--he says it how it is. I mean--nobody would watch the show if he were really nice. That's just his way of doing things. Some people were speculating that you and Rachel were more than just good friends. Is there any truth to that or was it just good editing on FOX's part? Because you guys were pretty close. It was just good editing--that's all. We were good friends but unfortunately, it didn't continue afterwards. We talked for a little while after the show but sadly, we're no longer friends. Some of the other reporters were telling me that she didn't like me and I don't know why. I've called her quite a few times but, you know what? No worries. You said you were close with Virginia. What is she doing now? I actually just visited down in Florida for five days. She's working on the line and she's really learning a lot. She's terrific. If you had to choose your least favorite competitor on the show, who would it be? I would have to say Tom. We butted heads a few times. What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself in Hell's Kitchen? You're not always going to please everyone but just keep on with what you're doing because dreams do come true. If you were to cook for one celebrity who would you cook for and what would you make? Probably Justin Timberlake or Kelly Clarkson--they're just great musicians and I love them to death. And they're Southern and so some BBQ and a nice apple pie or something. Favorite TV Shows? I love Bones, Weeds, and I love Grey's Anatomy. Congratulations again on the restaurant. The next time we're in Vegas, we'll stop in for some good eats. Thank you. Yeah, you should come out! Bye, Heather
    Bye guys! (interview taken from http://blog.meevee.com)