Hector Hugh Munro





12/18/1870 , Akyab, Burma



Birth Name

Hector Hugh Munro




Hector Hugh Munro was born in Burma, where his father was serving. As well as a brother and a sister he also had a tiger-cub. Sent home to be raised by two aunts in Devon, he hated them and later took revenge on them in his stories.

After a year as a military policeman in Burma, he returned to England and took to journalism. This led him into becoming a foreign correspondent in Russia and the Balkans, where he began to write short stories under the pen-name 'Saki'.

A close friend of the poet Siegfried Sassoon, Munro was homosexual and was reported to keep 'houseboys', both in Burma and in London.

When war with Germany broke out in 1914, Munro was forty-four, but he quickly enlisted and was posted to France, where he was killed on active duty in 1916.

Munro's books are:

Reginald (1904, as Saki)

Reginald in Russia: and Other Sketches (1910, as Saki)

The Chronicles of Clovis (1911, as Saki)

Beasts and Super-Beasts (1914, as Saki)

The Toys of Peace and Other Papers (1919)

The Square Egg and Other Sketches (1924) and

The Westminster Alice (1926)