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    • Heidi only ever divulged one of her high profile celebrity customer's names. It was Charlie Sheen, who testified against her, and alleged that he paid over $50,000 to her for escorts who charged him $2500 a night.

    • Heidi and close friend Victoria Sellers (daughter of actor Peter Sellers) released a DVD titled Sex Tips, it shows viewers how to run a prostitution ring.

    • Heidi accused ex-boyfriend Tom Sizemore, of domestic abuse and other threatening behavior. A California jury found him guilty of domestic violence, criminal threats, and obscene phone calls. Tom still denies all charges to this day, and is fighting to have them removed from h is records.

    • Heidi is the author of Pandering and The Player's Handbook.

    • Heidi runs her own lingerie company on the internet, called 'Heidiwear'. She had run a trendy West Hollywood boutique called 'Hollywod Madam' before serving her prison time.

    • Heidi sued E! television network, for broadcasting her True Hollywood Story while incarcerated in federal prison. The report alleged that Heidi was an informant, an accusation that could have had her killed in prison.

    • Heidi was ordered into drug treatment after she violated the terms of her parole, by using a line of crystal Methamphetamine, on what she called a 'bad' day.

    • Heidi was referred to in a Tori Amos song, 'The Wrong Band'. The two women were close friends in the 1980s in Las Vegas, when Tori was a heavy metal singer.

    • Heidi was portrayed by Jaimie-Lynne Sigler in a made-for-television movie called Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss, made in 1995 by Nick Broomfield.

    • Heidi sold the rights to her story to Paramount Pictures for $500,000. She pitched it as Pretty Woman meets Scarface. Nicole Kidman was first interested in portraying Heidi, but the role went to Hillary Swank.

    • Heidi made a close friend in prison, a young woman serving 20 plus years on drug charges named Stella. She credits her with helping her get through it all, and promised to obtain a high-power attorney upon her release, to appeal her case.

    • Heidi admits to having had one romantic liasion with a fellow female inmate while on the prison camp, a TWA flight mechanic.

    • Heidi cites prison as a positive influence on her life, having struggled through the first few months, calling it a 'lesbian Hell', she learned compassion, honesty, and wisdom. Looking back, she knows that the humiliating, humbling experience was a journey that she had to take.

    • Heidi served 21 months out of the 37 that she was sentenced to in a Federal Prison in Dublin, California. She was originally placed in the prison camp on site, but after an altercation with a guard, Heidi threw a metal chair at him, and was placed in solitary confinement, then in general population.

    • Heidi's father, Dr. Paul Fleiss was also convicted of money laundering, but got a lighter sentence for divulging the details of his daughter's dealings. He served one day in prison, 3 years of probation, and 625 hours of undisclosed community services.

    • Heidi was 'set-up' by a few of the former girls that worked for her, and was convicted in connection to her prostitution ring, arraigned in Los Angeles on 5 counts of pandering and one count of selling Cocaine. A federal grand jury moved forward with added charges of conspiracy, tax fraud, and money laundering.

    • Heidi believes that prostitution should be legal, that laws shouldn't enforce restrictions on a woman's body. She speaks out on behalf of legalizing prostitution often.

    • Heidi became known as the 'Hollywood Madame', running the largest, most elite prostitution ring in Beverly Hills. She catered to clients that paid upwards of $2000 a night for her escort services.

    • Heidi met Madame Alex, a well known Los Angeles brothel owner, and hired her on to run her business at 23 years of age. After learning all of the ins and outs of the business, Heidi started bringing in her own friends. The business went from making $50,000 a month to $300,00 a month.

    • Heidi's father, Dr. Paul Fleiss, is a famous Beverly Hills pediatrician who oversaw the birth of Madonna's first child.

    • Heidi started dating famed financier Bernie Cornfeld, the man who was at one time the richest man in the world. He was 61 and she was 19. She amassed a small fortune from him before their breakup, and needed to find a venture to invest in.

    • Heidi tried to raise money to donate to the Catholic high school she dropped out of later in life, by trying to auction off a date with then-boyfriend, Tom Sizemore. The school refused to participate, because of the negative publicity that was associated with the couple.

    • Heidi attended a Catholic high school, although she was of Jewish faith. School wasn't for her, she kept losing interest, and dropped out in the 10th grade. She started to spend her time at the racetrack, learning how to work the horses.

    • Heidi started 'running things' at the age of 13, when she started to babysit for the neighbors. Word spread that she was a great babysitter, and she would be called on by 4 couples on a Friday night. Not wanting to turn away her customers, she recruited her friends to go watch their kids, and pay her a portion to her for the referral. Soon, she had her own babysitting service started.

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